Sunday, 28 December 2008

Christmas Day

It didn't feel like Christmas Day at all this year. Obviously the morning did because the kids were very spoilt by Santa again, but after that it just felt like a normal day. I am thinking that with being away from family we need to start some Christmas Traditions, something we can do every year so that it feels like Christmas to us. The only thing is, I don't want that to involve food. Any ideas?

Yesterday we went to Balmoral beach and had a lovely time there, it's a shame that the sun was not out and the sky was grey, but at least it was not too hot. We managed to get home before the storm so all in all had a good day.

Today we are thinking of taking the kids on a bike ride to the Olympic Park. First I have to call on a friend who has been very kind to let my dad and June stay at her place for a few days while Jon's mam is still here. Jon's mam's and my dad's visits overlap a little so while my friend is away they will stay there. It is literally 2 minutes walk, in fact we can see her house from ours.

We are all so excited now and can't wait for them to arrive.

Wednesday, 24 December 2008

Merry Christmas

I wish you all a very Merry Christmas and a safe and Happy New Year.

Wednesday, 17 December 2008

Christmas parties can seriously damage your....


A couple of weeks ago, I got the fantastic news from my physio that one of my knees was doing really well and was as good if not better than he had ever seen it. Keep up the good work is what he said.

A couple of days later I went to Jon's Christmas party, initially I resisted the dancing knowing that I could undo all the good work. As I said, initially, unfortunately everyone knows how much I love to dance (even when sober!!) so I didn't get away with sitting out for long.

3 hours later in heels with no orthotics, it's time to leave and I know that I am in trouble. Next morning lots of ice. For a few days lots of pain, knee hyper extending and taking it easy with training, continue with taping.

Physio yesterday, tried not to judge but I know him too well. He said the right things, just keep icing and hopefully with all the work you have done, it will be right again in no time. He ended saying, "I am on the mobile over the break if you need me." Nice, but not what I want, as much as I like him, I don't want to call him over Christmas.

My shoulder didn't even get a look in yesterday. I think that is good news.

Saturday, 13 December 2008

New baby girl

My girlfriend gave birth an hour ago to a new baby girl. All are well, I am waiting for more news and then to hear when I can go see.

Thursday, 11 December 2008

Billy Joel concert

On Tuesday evening Jon and I went to see Billy Joel in concert. I loved it despite sitting right on the back row, concert tickets are so expensive these days. I just felt slightly cheated that I never got to see the younger Billy Joel, he cancelled a show about 12 years ago and we missed out. He did however in this show make reference to his getting older, saying that Billy couldn't be here tonight, I am his dad and he asked me to come along.

He played all the old favourites and didn't disappoint.

Next concert for me is Pink next year and I am looking forward to that, unless anything else comes up in the meantime.

Monday, 8 December 2008


  • Today - playgroup and 2 trips to the pool for swimming lessons
  • Jon's mam arrives on Thursday
  • 26 sleeps until my dad and June arrive
  • sorted one swimming lesson for next year, 2 to go
  • arranged for a music tutor for next year
  • mostly finished Christmas shopping
  • car serviced ready for trip to Coffs Harbour
  • Christmas decs up
  • car magnets for advertising - on car
  • bought exercise bike for days when I can't make it to the gym
  • bug spray arranged for Wednesday
  • got signed off from eye clinic
  • made contact with a few old friends through F@cebuck

Tuesday, 2 December 2008

The day has arrived

The day has arrived. I have been waiting for a few months now. I was expecting the worst. I did not expect this............ my daughter almost falling off the breakfast bar stool because she was laughing so much. I was expecting, tears, disgust, hate, tantrums and vegetarianism.

Yes, my 5 year old has finally figured out where meat comes from. Being a nature lover I was hoping that I would be somewhere else when she figured it out.

However, it started with chicken, she saw a cooked chicken and put 2 and 2 together. She was intrigued. Then I explained about beef and cows, but, it was the explanation of pork that made her lose all control.

Lesson: Don't stress about things before they happen, because it might just well be a waste of time.

Monday, 1 December 2008


I am trying to organise my timetable for all my kids out of school activities for next year.

This morning at swimming the school wanted to know what days next year my kids wanted to swim, so they could try and accommodate my request. At the same time I had to pay for the whole of term 1 for 2 of the children. Now, if they can't accommodate me and I can't fit it in with all of the other activities, there is no refund, but I guess swimming, for safety reasons should come first.

I have called the dance school to find out their timetable for next year, they won't have it done until middle of January, the music tutor also will not know until mid Jan, soccer won't be known for sure until March next year, but must take priority (before or after swimming is debatable), then there is band rehearsal, playgroup, doctors and dentist appointments, friends to just play, afternoon tea to fit in, dinner to prepare and work to go to and somewhere, my own training. Training used to be non-negotiable, everything else moved, now it fits, where it fits.

How can I fit it all in? I know I am not the only mother who does this, so if anyone has an easy way of organising this, I will definitely appreciate it.

This is not what I thought about when deciding whether or not to have another child, bigger car, yes. Cost, yes. Homework (I forgot homework), yes. But not splitting myself 3 ways for activities.

Wednesday, 26 November 2008

On the mend or round the bend - not sure!

It always amazes me how quickly children recover from sickness. At 8am this morning my heart was breaking for my girls, they could barely move and their little bodies ached from vomiting so much.

Now my head aches from the demands and my legs ache from running to and from the kitchen to make them food. I can't fill them. They are driving me mad. We are definitely going out tomorrow.

I am trying to hold them back and remind them that they are still recovering and if they do too much they will crash tomorrow.

I don't know what to call this post

We got a full nights sleep last night, which is a huge bonus. The girls woke up at about 10pm last night which was good because I was able to top them up with Nurofen.

Yesterday I took both of the girls to the Medical Centre (I couldn't get them in with their own doctor at short notice) as Miss T mentioned that her ear hurt. She suffered many ear infections when she was a baby, so as soon as the words are mentioned I am off to the doctor.

They are both on a 5 day course of antibiotics. I hate giving them antibiotics but I hate them being sick and in pain more. The doctor assured me they were necessary this time.

Today started with our youngest throwing up on our bedroom carpet. To be fair she was kind enough to get out of our bed first.

I knew the the other one would be sick also, she is about an hour behind. I have never had them both sick like this before, they usually give me a day or two rest in between. At least this way, when they are better we can get out and about again.

My dad has emailed, they are coming in January. The doctor said that June shouldn't fly until March but that it was her choice if she wanted to come sooner. Dad and June talked about it and she is prepared to take the risk, she just needs a wheelchair to get around in.

I don't want to think too much about the risks as I will start to worry and feel guilty. It is her choice not mine. She is a big girl. By that I mean grown up.

Tuesday, 25 November 2008

Thats life

If only it said 37.0, this morning at 1am I was woke up by a little voice shouting "Mam". My eldest daughter was feeling unwell, she had a high temperature and sore throat and tummy ache. At the same time, the commotion woke up my youngest, she also was hot and had a sore throat. My son, well he sleeps through most things.

Two hot little bodies lying next to me, I didn't get much sleep, if at all. Jon got up to go and sleep in one of the girls empty beds, which caused an upset. It appears it is ok for them to invade our bed at ungodly hours but to use theirs - not on.

My alarm went off at 4.30am, time to get up and in the car and off to client. Got stuck in traffic on the way home and Jon was sat in the driveway in his car waiting to go.

Home now, with sick girls, hoping they get better soon and we can go out tomorrow.

Must add that I am not feeling too good either, but I am barely allowed as a mum to recognise that. Not sure whether I have a cold or just hayfever and allergies, either way I am hoping we can all have a rest soon before I have to collect my son from school.

Thankfully my client this evening has moved to Thursday, so I don't need to go out.

Monday, 24 November 2008


Had a pretty good weekend. My son had a friend over to play on Saturday which made for a much easier day for me. I don't know why - well yes I do - but extra kids is much easier than dealing with just my own. There was no sibling fighting, at least not until 10 minutes after the friend had left.

Sunday, Miss T had a birthday party to go to and then we had friends over for a BBQ in the freezing cold and the wind and the rain. What happened yesterday? So we had an extra 3 boys and a couple who we have been trying to catch up with all year. It was a very nice afternoon.

This morning I have been for my walk (I got the all clear to walk again on Thursday, so I have been, I am really trying to take it easy this time and maybe I will stay walking for longer than last previously) got my son to school, and am now waiting for Miss T to wake up - getting nervous now - even though she is 5, I still have to check that she is still breathing if she sleeps past 7am, it is now 8.30am. Will do my washing, cleaning, get the girls to swimming, come home and....I don't know yet. Probably more cleaning and maybe write a program for tomorrow.

Also waiting for news from my dad. He has said, if they can fly, they will come, despite his wife's condition, and even if he has to push her in a chair. Not exactly the holiday they were planning, but selfishly - I get to see my dad again after more than seven years. June sees her doctor today.
PS - Miss T just come down stairs - happy mummy now - I think - the demands will come thick and fast now. Bitter sweet motherhood.

Tuesday, 18 November 2008

School orientation

My middle child Miss T is starting school next year. Yesterday was her first orientation day and she loved it. She has gone from being very determined about not leaving preschool to wanting to get the school bus with her brother yesterday. I don't think she understood the maternal 'need' for me to take her.

I am very happy that she is confident and excited to be going to school. Today is her last orientation day and we all get to have morning tea together afterwards. She has been up, showered, breakfasted, teeth cleaned and dressed since 7.15am.

I am not really worried about her going to school. I will have another baby at home for one more year. Possibly 2 but highly unlikely. I think she is very ready now and would hold her own in the classroom.

Any thoughts on sending a March baby to school 'early' or 'holding back'?

Monday, 10 November 2008

My dad may not be coming

I haven't seen my dad for 7 years and I was/am really looking forward to his visit with his wife in January. I just heard this weekend, that June (my dad's wife) has broken her ankle, it sounded very bad, bones sticking out and foot facing the wrong way (sounds like one of the videos we were shown on my PT training course).

Anyhow the doctor has said no flying. Dad said he hasn't given up hope of coming, but I have already had a few tears. Trying to stay positive and not think too much about myself, after all June is in a lot of pain.

I am really dreading telling the kids, they will be gutted.

Where have you been?

I have been busy. We took the kids on a surprise trip to the Gold Coast. My son was so excited, we told him at the airport. He thought he was waving his dad off for the week for a business trip.

The girls we told on the plane, we got them on the plane, thinking they were just having a look. They haven't been on a plane any time that they can remember.

We met up with a friends of ours from Melbourne, I actually hadn't seen them for 7 years, except for on Skype. Jon visit them quite often when in Melbourne on business.

The weather wasn't the best but it didn't ruin it too much, well hardly at all.

Had a party here at my place for a friend who is expecting her 4th baby in 5 weeks. It wasn't a baby shower, more of a get together with friends, and no kids around. We had a nice day and it wasn't too stressful for me. So now just waiting for the new baby to arrive.

Jon took my kids to the beach for the day.

Monday, 13 October 2008

Our first camping experience ....

....was definitely memorable, my son managed to throw up about 12 times in 12 hours. The 12 hours starting at 5pm in a local RSL and ending at 5am the next morning. The only consolation is that it wasn't at home on my carpet.

Other than that, we loved it. It was only for one night, but that's ok.

He is feeling much better now and will be attending school again tomorrow.

Friday, 10 October 2008

It's been a while

I have been reading blogs while I have been away and keeping up with things, I have just not been writing, as a result of my laser eye surgery, for me, reading the computer screen has been difficult. I am totally fine with distance now and close reading, but the computer screen gives me a few problems. Nothing major, I can see it, it just comes in and out of focus - oh I can't describe it, because I can see, it just is not perfect yet so is frustrating and also makes my eyes tired.

Anyway, I am glad I had surgery and I am sure my vision will continue to improve. Will write more about it in another post.

What else has been going on

This is the last day of the school holidays, we just had a lazy 2 weeks. It was nice not having to rush all over the place, even fun activities can be stressful when trying to get 3 kids out the door on time.

Were going to do a one night camping trip last weekend but the thunder storms put us off.

My dad and his wife have booked their flights and arrive on 4 January, we are so excited, I haven't seen my dad for 7 years and my girls have never met him.

Girls have started Little Athletics and are loving it - thankfully

Miss T turned 5 - and I think each card included a double dose of attitude - she is hard work at the moment - eats everything but doesn't like anything, argues constantly, temper tantrums have started again, I think if I told her Santa was coming today, she would argue that she didn't want him to. Hate is also her favourite word at the moment. Please tell me the attitude will go away soon - very soon.

The girls are screaming and fighting as I type. Gotta go.........

Thursday, 18 September 2008

Laser Eye Surgery

Hoping everyone is well. I had my surgery last week and still can't see very clearly, but I will be back (soon I hope).

Thursday, 4 September 2008


My eldest daughter (almost 5) is having nightmares.

She is having nightmares that I am making her eat cute baby chicks in sandwiches.

Last week at her preschool they watched the baby chicks hatch from eggs - and so the questions started.

How do we eat eggs if chicks are inside? Her teacher handled this for me explaining that the eggs we eat are different because the rooster has not helped these eggs.

Another day she asked, What are we having for dinner. Dad answered, We might get a chicken. Her reply was no not a chicken, just chicken....... and then the nightmares.

How long do you think I have before she is a vegan? And, how long do you think it will be before she forgives me when she finds out that eggs and chicken are not the only things she is eating?

Tuesday, 2 September 2008

Camping part 2

Kerryn - I was going to reply in the comments, but I thought this could be a post in itself. I had forgotten the peeing behind bushes and have a couple of short tales to tell.

I remember having to be extremely drunk to even go. Otherwise, nothing would happen, no matter how much I willed it - and I think I know why...................

Growing up in the Lake District, we spent a lot of days out walking and hiking, and peeing behind a tree was compulsory, but my dad used to think it was hilarious to keep lookout and then shout quick someone is coming........ every time and guess what - we never learned.

(I have just wrote an email to my dad telling him how excited we are about him coming - I think I have just changed my mind.)

Another time we were enjoying a nice afternoon on Coniston Water and all of a sudden police with their dogs arrived from all around. Apparently in the next clearing, a guy had attacked two ladies with a chainsaw and were looking for him. Not a nice story but definitely no trips to the trees that afternoon.


Jon was away in Melbourne last week and when he was there he caught up with some friends. He came home on Saturday and on Sunday we bought a tent. Jon decided that the family needed to go camping. Now I don't mind camping and roughing it, well I didn't when I was 18, which was probably the last time I did it. I certainly have not done it with 3 kids and 6 suitcases and a medicine cabinet. My youngest wants to know where the wardrobe will be? Actually that was before she went outside and the bats terrified her. Not sure how she will cope in the bush (although I suspect it will be better than me).

As I said, tents and camping are ok - I am terrified of bugs, spiders and snakes though. In fact when I thought we had a cockroach in our house I slept (well laid in my bed, I didn't sleep much) with my jeans tucked in my socks and my hands inside my sleeves. It was pretty much as soon as we arrived in Australia so I am a bit better now, but not much....

Not as bad as Jon who put his shoes in the fridge when he first came here on business because he couldn't think of anywhere else that would be free of spiders.

Oh my, do we sound like stereotypical Brits?

Do you know of any nice campsites around - preferably bug free. You don't have bears in Australia do you??

Friday, 29 August 2008

Back to Friday again

Friday is my day without children, I usually spend it running (well driving) from one end of town to the other on errands. Today is no exception, I have been to the shops, I forgot Miss T's morning tea so had to hand over mine, then I needed to replace it. For me it was a sign that I should not replace with another apple but buy a chocolate bar. You will be pleased to know, I replaced with an apple - cheaper too!

Next a trip to the podiatrist to make sure my knee problem was not coming from my feet. He suggested I see an osteopath because my whole body seems to be out of balance. Appointment booked for 3 weeks, the guy is apparently so good that it takes that long to get to see him. Hope he is worth the wait.

Home for a spot of lunch and then off to the dentist. I never used to mind the dentist but as I got older my teeth have become more and more sensitive to the point that it hurts to have them cleaned. But not as much as treatment so off I go.

What else, Jon is in Melbourne for a few days, so it's just the kids and me.

Oh I get my eyes lasered on Friday 12th of September. Starting to get a bit nervous. I don't have really bad eyesight and I am starting to think about what I am risking. However, I do need glasses or contacts so to not need them again will be huge.

All will be good I am sure. Happy thoughts, happy thoughts.

Tuesday, 26 August 2008


Things are improving. My sadness is lifting and I am happy again. Computer problems are improving, Jon has been working really hard on fixing them.

We had a lovely family weekend away in Jervis Bay. It was very very cold, so cold I can't describe, but we enjoyed our time together as a family. I was able to catch up with a friend I've not seen for about a year.

All in all things are good and I am happy.

Saturday, 16 August 2008

Computer problems

My computer is not working, it has been attacked by trojans and is impossible to work with. Jon has spent many hours trying to remove them and get the computer working again and I have a feeling he will be spending many more.

Don't know what to say

I have tried to write something about this week but nothing sounded right. I am glad this week is over but know that the future for the family is going to be very difficult.

Thank you for your comments.

Thursday, 14 August 2008

Sad times

Had a very tough week this week, a friend passed away on Monday, he leaves behind 4 young children. The funeral is today.

Sunday, 10 August 2008


Today, I went to work and then came home to an empty house. Jon had taken our son (and girls) to a band festival. Jon was not looking forward to it for several reasons, the main being, these festivals involve a lot of waiting around, our girls don't respond well to this (neither does Jon) and today was the Sydney City to Surf and heading to the City for a festival on this day was not an example of great planning. However, it meant that I got a couple of hours to myself.

I spent the time meditating, relaxing and listening to my music, nobody elses, not fighting, crying, whining, begging for food (because I obviously starve my children). I got to be me for a while.

Then they came home, so I made lunch, washed up, made cheesy zucchini muffins and pumpkin and broccoli soup.

I am now going to have a cup of tea and read my book for a few minutes before I start dinner.

Hope you all enjoyed your Sunday.

By the way, did you see the results for the City to Surf - impressive.

Better than ever....

....well almost, after my sickness this week, I have recovered and am feeling better than I have in a long time. I am able to get out of bed in the mornings, no more snoozing the alarm, in fact I am awake and up before the alarm again. I think this must have been brewing for a few weeks.

My dad and his wife have booked their flights, they arrive on 3 January, we are so excited. Jon's mum will be here at the same time, their dates overlap a bit, but that will be ok.

My mam has a new job and starts on Thursday, she is so much happier, she sounds stronger and is even pursuing constructive dismissal. This won't be an easy path for her, but just the fact that she is strong enough to pursue it, makes me less worried about her.

We have also had cable broadband installed this weekend, I have high hopes.

Friday, 8 August 2008


Ok call me slow, but I just recently found and am loving it. Especially as I miss home well, not really but I do have some fond memories of the place and my childhood and youth, so when I found flickr and found some pictures that brought back memories.

This is our local park,

and here is the church next door to my primary school

these are the flats I lived in for the first few years of my life

Photos from billnbenj

Thursday, 7 August 2008

Oh my ....

I was so sick yesterday. The sluggishness turned into something very nasty, I hardly got out of bed all day, I slept on and off and still slept all last night.

My family are wonderful. Jon worked from home and managed to take the girls to swimming and dancing and then keep them away from me apart from when they sneaked into my room to give me a silent cuddle and then disappeared again.

I got breakfast in bed from my son this morning which was lovely.

I have cancelled the gym though, even though I am feeling heaps better today, I think a quiet day is in order. I can always sneak off tonight if I really need to.

Wednesday, 6 August 2008

Fast computers

We bought our first born a new computer for his birthday. It is better, bigger and faster than ours. I am looking for a positive in that.

Ahh yes, he no longer hogs mine.

Tuesday, 5 August 2008


I can't shake the sluggishness. We had a tough week last week but working through that, I am eating well (no honestly), sleeping well, but my head just feels so foggy. Maybe I have a bit of what the kids had, I am hoping a I can run it off at the gym this morning.

We had my son's 9th birthday party at a Lazer Tag place on Sunday he had a great time. My daughter also loved it and is asking when she can go back.

My son did get sick but not in the way the girls did. His dad took him to watch the Warriors on Saturday night and fed him fizzy, chips, hot chocolate and then he threw up. He has always struggled with nasty food and excitement. Most Christmas Eve's since he knew what was coming he got sick. Last year was the first time he didn't, he saved it for his birthday.

Got a physio appointment today, I am sure the good news will continue there. Later in the week I have my initial consultation for laser eye surgery.

Saturday, 2 August 2008

Stressful week but ....

This week has been pretty stressful but as I am trying to focus on the positives, I am not going to post about it, except to say as one child got better the next got sick, but at least I only have one sick at a time. - Is that a positive?

Every day gaining a better understanding of how my mind works and am working through how to change things, bit by bit.

Jon had his birthday on Thursday, (yet again surrounded by sick children, but no hospitalisations this year - another positive).

Our son is 9 on Monday and we are having a party for him on Sunday, the girls should be all well by then. Please think happy thoughts for us that he doesn't get sick.

My dad has managed to get the whole of January off work so is looking to visit us. I haven't seen him in 7 years. I am very excited about it. He will meet my daughters for the first time.

Tuesday, 29 July 2008

Food control

I have been writing a journal, for many years now but specifically the last few weeks for my psychologist.

The following is an extract, it may not be well written, I just kind of blurted.

I feel I have been bingeing or at least constantly eating for ‘like ever’. A few weeks or more.

Maybe a breakthrough thought or maybe nonsense. I am eating today, and Miss T is sick and I can’t go to the gym, the school has messed up again and my son has been in tears, I have been arguing with the school. My mam is not happy in England and I am thinking about my decision to live here. Mam cried a lot and I cried cos I feel I can’t help her.

I wonder if I eat because I feel like I can’t control these other things, they do annoy and upset me but is the problem that I can’t control them so I turn to food that I can (now that I am older and buy my own food) control. I decide when and if and what I want to eat. Even though I feel like I am out of control with my eating perhaps I am actually in control of it.

On a rational level I know I can’t control all of these other things, well most of them anyway.

Is food the one thing in my life that I feel I have control over? Obviously on a much deeper level because on the surface I feel like it controls me.

Saturday, 19 July 2008

Kids parties and presents

We are going to a 3 year olds birthday party tomorrow. With the invitation came the following note:-

J has books and toy and clothes galore,
Everyday it's growing more.
So for this special day we ask of you,
Please no gifts, yes it's true.
Instead we ask you to bring a plate,
Lollies, chips, anything would be great.
So come along and join the fun,
Watch the kids hop, skip and run.

I think this is a great idea, similar to another where everyone was asked to bring a brand new teddy bear and they were all donated to the children's hospital. Me and the girls have spent the afternoon making a special birthday card.

However, a few of my friends are having difficulty with the concept and are feeling guilty. Would you?


I just booked tickets to see Stevie Wonder in October and Billy Joel in December. Hope I get to see Billy Joel this time. I had tickets to see him in the UK years ago and he got a sore throat and cancelled. I was gutted.

Whilst I am excited at seeing these two, I am less excited that the cost of the tickets for both of them is going to hit my credit card this month, together with cost of our new deck and the kids clothes I bought in the sales.

Never mind easy come - easier go. That sounds like Easiyo - just what I had on my muesli for breakfast.

Friday, 18 July 2008

Personal space

My 3 year old daughter is here trying to put on her shoes. She got them on the wrong feet and said that if she had some personal space she would be able to do it right. She continued muttering, I need some personal space with nobody else around, she repeated and saw me watching her. She said I need some personal space with nobody else around, only you.

She loves me I think.

Feeling strong

Well it is almost the last day of the school holidays, my son goes back on Tuesday, and we survived with very little wreckage. We kept busy, and I hid in the gym a bit while my kids were in creche, but that's ok.

I don't normally post about my training because lately it is very ho hum, what with my shoulder problems and my knee problems, I have found my training to be more rehab than anything else and very boring, but yesterday I felt really strong. I was able to increase (with the approval of my physio) most weights, increase my running to 10 mins!!?? and increase the speed and resistance on the bike. I also introduced new weights that I have not been able to do for about 2 years.

Overall I felt stronger and happier and really enjoyed it, I can see that things are improving but also mindful that I need to go very slowly.

I think it also helped that I saw the Jamie Oliver program and Wednesday. I think I realised that despite my injuries, I am a lot healthier and stronger than those people on that program and that I should be grateful for that.

Just this week, I have been focusing myself on not what foods can't I have, but what foods can I have that make me strong and healthy and happy so this program was a timely reminder of the reasons I try to make the right choices, it is not all about being thin and never has been.

As a trainer and a mum, I know what and how, I just now need to master the doing.

Image above from

Tuesday, 15 July 2008

Yappy dog

My neighbours have acquired a dog that has yapped and cried almost non stop for 2 days and nights. I am not sure at this stage whether it is their dog or if they are looking after it for a friend. Either way, I hope it settles down soon.

Wednesday, 9 July 2008


Good news at the physio this week. My left knee is almost good, right knee improved heaps and nearly there.

The monkey bars episode on the weekend did not cause too much damage to my shoulder (I got carried away with the kids). My physio did not shout too loudly.

I don't need to go back for 2 weeks. I have been weekly for as long as I can remember, actually I did have a two week appointment last year, but only one and it was back to weekly so I am happy with that. I can also slowly increase my training again. However I need to remember slowly.

Monday, 7 July 2008


13 years ago today I was in Barbados with my parents, brother and sister and best friends, drinking a cocktails, dancing and celebrating my wedding to my wonderful husband.

Today I was sat freezing cold in a park in Carlingford watching my girls having heaps of fun on the playground. It took me two cups of tea to warm up after meeting my husband for lunch.

Despite spending 1/2 the afternoon preparing my tax return (no where near finished yet), I have had a nice day. It's not Barbados but I am actually very happy with my lot.

Friday, 4 July 2008

Kids and days off

Miss T finished preschool yesterday so we had a day on our own together. I have to say it is much cheaper to put kids in preschool than to have them with you for a day.

She got, new leggings, pretty pink boots and a necklace. She also convinced me to stop for a milkshake and a cup cake, so I decided to join her and ordered a small hot chocolate and a caramel crunch. It is so long since I have had a caramel crunch and it looked yummy so I thought, why not?

Miss T licked the icing (pink I might add) off the top of the cupcake and had 1/4 of her milkshake and said she had a tummy ache. That is her speak for I have eaten too much food, or that food makes me feel sick. I was also feeling the same, I had one mouthful of slice and thought this is way too sweet, I had two more bites and decided that I just don't like this kind of food anymore.

My brain remembers that it used to taste delicious but now, I just don't like it.

I have this occasionally with coffee. I couldn't stand the taste of coffee when I was pregnant with my first child so it was easy to give it up. After I finished feeding, I tried it again. To this day I don't like it. However sometimes I crave the taste so I try some but it just doesn't taste like I remember.

The food ended in the rubbish, we didn't persevere with it.

Thursday, 3 July 2008

What the future holds

The psychic party on Sunday was fun. 10 of us girls sat around chatting and stressing about what our readings would reveal.

The psyshic was spot on with all of us. I have never had a reading before and had always been too scard to, but this lady came highly recommended.

Girls were told, they would have babies, girls were told their marriage problems would be better in two years, girls were told they would have new businesses, some of our children would go to private schools, one should definitely attend the wedding she was thinking of not going to. I am going to travel to New Zealand and buy an investment property there and I will have the money to do it.

My husband and I will be together forever and are each others strength.

One of my daughters needs protecting from spirits, not because they are a danger to her but so that she can be a child and get some restful sleep.

I know I have been pretty vague here, but the way she picked everyone's character and issues was amazing. We will being seeing her again for sure.
Today, I am taking the girls to see Playschool at the RSL.

New arrivals

My girlfriend in Queensland gave birth to twin girls on 18 June at 29 weeks. That's 11 weeks early! She says they are doing well and she is able to do all the nappy changes and face cleaning.

M was 1279g and R was 895g

The girls are very little but are both on milk.

We are sending our love and hoping that the girls grow big and strong like their sisters.

Saturday, 28 June 2008

Psychic party

Tomorrow I am having a psychic party at my house. I have several friends coming over for a reading with a psychic. This lady is supposed to be very good and one of the few found to be authentic.

I have never had a reading before and am also slightly nervous having it at my house but I am sure it will all be good fun.

Actually a slightly spooky event was when I was telling some friends about it, I got a text message from the church confirming my son in holiday club. Spooked me for a while but I got over it.

How to explain to children

I am struggling to explain the concept of tomorrow to my youngest daughter. She thinks that tomorrow is another day of the week.

We had just argued that yesterday was yesterday, she said that yesterday was tomorrow because on (my words) Thursday, Friday is tomorrow, today it is yesterday.

Another difficulty is my son's school report. It was fantastic and we are very proud of him. One comment from is teacher was

"... always participates well during writing sessions, he is however yest to see a clear difference between spoken and written language. This means at times his writing can sound very colloquial."

I said that it is because he writes as he speaks and that that is not always proper English. He said but I speak very good English - and he is right.

I am struggling to explain without examples of his work so I told him to ask his teacher to explain. It was her comment after all.

My MP3 is not working

My MP3 player has decided to no longer work. I am devastated. I loved it. It was small, cute and hot pink and black.

Now I have to search for another. Do I go MP3 or ipod. MP3 much more versatile, ipod more accessories available.

Thursday, 26 June 2008

Smell 2

I was so excited yesterday, being able to smell stuff was huge.

A brief history, I suffer sinusitis and nasal polyps. I have had several operations to improve/remove, however on a daily basis, I am still very blocked, it has improved heaps over the last 2 years or so but is still quite bad. Sometime during the last (I don't know) 15-20 years, I realised that I had lost my sense of smell. I didn't think too much about it just accepted that it was just the way it it.

I am also highly allergic to many things, too many to mention or even really test for. Bizarrely though not pollen, or not many of them.

Well, yesterday as I was filling up my car at the petrol station, I thought I could smell petrol and petrol happened to be one of my favourite smells, together with brand new catalogues. Anyway, I dismissed it and decided that I only thought I could smell it, a memory rather than an actual smell.

Later in the day, I was aware of a smell, I think it may have been my perfume (I don't know because I have never smelt it, I have to rely on Jon to choose nice perfume) so decided to investigate further.

What is the strongest smelling thing I have in the house? I know my Eucalyptus essential oil. Off I went. I could smell it. Only a little, and I had to put it about 2mm from my nose and snort, about 3 seconds later, I smelt it for a split second. I am sure most people would be flat on their backs from that but not me.

What next, I went mad, my nose was snorting almost everything (well nice things). I smelt garlic bread, apple, tomato, tried my perfumes, but not really, I think I may have burnt the lining of my nose from the eucalyptus.

My daughter thought I was crazy - again. Why are you smelling everything? Because I can.

This has happened in the past on occasion and then stopped again. Today, I don't think I can smell anything, maybe later I will. I really hope so.

One day maybe I will be able to walk into a room and smell cooking, or a perfume or flowers, that would be nice.

Wednesday, 25 June 2008


OK guys, you won't believe me after what I just wrote this week, but I have just smelt garlic bread for the first time in years. I am in the middle of preparing dinner so can't write any more now........ I'll be back soon.

I am so excited. By the way, you are the first people I have told.

Saturday, 21 June 2008

The Sprinkles Diet

The Sprinkles diet as mentioned on Diet Blog and The Fit Shack is being billed as the latest fad diet and when I first read this this morning I tended to agree.

However due to an appointment yesterday I then researched lack of sense of smell and overeating. I found a condition called Ansomia, which I have self diagnosed.

I wasn't going to write about this here but as this diet has appeared today, it seemed like a sign. Below is a copy of the comment I left on The Fit Shack site.


Yesterday was at my first appointment with an eating disorder psychologist (for overeating/binge eating).

After many questions and answers delving into my past, I mentioned that I considered a while ago that maybe my lack of sense of smell (of at least 15 years) might be the reason I overeat, you know, always searching for a smell or taste to satisfy my hunger. I told the psychologist that I had dismissed it because I didn't want to look for an excuse for my inability to control my food intake.

The psychologist said that it may well be a contributing factor, among others and shouldn't be dismissed.

So yesterday, I would have totally dismissed this as a fad diet, today I am thinking this may be worth exploring, along with (now that I understand it may be an issue) stimulating other senses, ie making my meals as colourful as possible, adding more spices to my foods, eating it even more slowly and appreciating the texture and what little taste I have.


It was a big step for me to go and see a psychologist for overeating. I am managing to maintain my weight (a little higher than I would like it to be, but still a huge improvement on where I was) by eating well for a few weeks and then then totally blowing it with a binge which could last a couple of weeks, so I am fluctuating on an almost monthly basis by about 3kg.

I had decided that enough was enough, I don't want to live like this anymore. I have tried so hard to do this myself and got totally frustrated that I didn't think it could hurt to see if there might be a reason that I can't figure out myself.

I am hoping that this is the start of the end and that I can move on healthily.

Thursday, 19 June 2008

Wake me up

I am in desperate need of something to wake me up. I am almost falling asleep here, I can't stop yawning and I still have to cook dinner and prepare for and train clients this evening. I really need to curl up and sleep but as one of my fave bands said, "I'll sleep when I'm dead," I guess.

I think though it was referring to living and not working, but never mind.

Tuesday, 17 June 2008

Guess what?

Do you ever have a conversation that starts with guess what, but before the other person has time to answer you have told them. (does that make sense?)

Well my daughter has started saying this, but she really means it. The latest was, guess what is in this box? I replied, I don't know. She said I know, you have to guess. This time I decided to play along and give totally ridiculous guesses to what might fit in a 5cm2 box and wondered how long it would take for her to tell me I was stupid or give in. Guess what - I was stupid, she didn't give in and I should have known that she wouldn't. She is the stubborn one, even more stubborn than me.

Do you want to know what was in the box?

.............string - not a dinosaur, or her dad, or a car, or plate, or watermelon, or picture, or bed or sister or dog, or muesli or the postman or a tv or anything else that I mentioned - it was string and she did actually give in but it took a very very long time.

Very poor effort

I put in a very poor effort at the gym this morning. I saw a friend I had not seen for a while and as both of us like to talk, that's what we did. In the back of my mind I kept thinking I will go now but the conversation just rolled. I ended up doing a slow 30 minutes on the bike (as instructed by physio) but missed my weights. I chose the bike over the weights so we could carry on chatting.

Not good I know, and this is happening more and more often, even on the weekend when I went earlier than my usual time, I still saw people I don't see very often any more. Head down and run in future I think.

I also got a call from the receptionist at my physio saying that my physio was sick and could I reschedule. I really needed that appt today, my shoulder is giving me some grief this week. Also another reason I chose the bike over weights.

Never mind, I will just have to train my clients hard this evening to make up for my lack of effort.

Monday, 16 June 2008

We're not lazy.............

I think I need to go back and re-study for my PT qualification. I obviously missed or misunderstood the part that taught me how to teach children about the importance of health and fitness.

I was chopping apples (trying to do the right thing!) for my daughter this morning and I asked her to get a bowl out - she said but I want you to get it. I said that they were being a bit lazy this morning.

They asked what lazy meant. The eldest thought it was like Mr Clumsy, I explained that lazy is where you don't do anything.

My eldest replied, "We're not lazy, we did something, we watched the TV."

Oh that's ok then, the answer to childhood obesity, have mum chop apple, get the plate, turn the TV on. Do you think I need to eat it for them??

A little in their defence, they have been sick and are having a rest day and they are devestated about missing out on playgroup. But still.......

Friday, 13 June 2008

Checking in

I know I've not updated in a while and thought I really should. I have been around, I have just been reading heaps. I am exploring new blogs and new sites that I have found, also been reading a book, that I can't put down.

I will try and keep it brief.

Our interview was on A Current Affair a couple of weeks ago - Tuesday 27 May. It was very short but the kids loved seeing themselves on TV. What was quite amusing was that I went to Coles the following morning complaining that the yoghurt I had bought the day before was already out of date. I felt like a proper whinger, but I just hate it when that happens. Actually, I don't know how it did because I spent ages checking the use by dates and then discussing with 3 children which brand and flavours they wanted and then checking the dates again, but somehow I messed up. Coles did refund me with no argument though.

My dad and June got married last month. I am very pleased that my dad is happy again, however when I saw the DVD of the wedding, all I could see/feel was the pain that my mam is still feeling. Their marriage was over a long time ago and she is now settled in her own home but she still feels embarrassed or ashamed that she is divorced. It is really hard being away from her, but even if I was there, I couldn't live her life for her. She needs to find the strength to do that herself.

I had a very nice long weekend with my family. Due to the rain here, all sports were cancelled for the whole weekend so we spent some nice time together. That is a luxury these days.

Jon surprised me with tickets to see the Rocky Horror Picture Show in Star City. I loved it. It was also scary to realise the the last time I saw the show live was in 1993 or 1994 in Manchester. Have watched the DVD many times since though.

Tuesday, 3 June 2008


I just read this post on diet blog.

I am totally gobsmacked, I very very rarely eat/drink this type of thing, but might occasionally treat myself to something like it (or more likely have a bit of my kids) but I could never have imagined the calorie content. Even though it would be my choice to consume this, I would feel really cheated if I found out later the nutritional content (if it can be called that)

It has 166% of the % Daily Value of fat and that is based on a 2000 kcal a day diet. How can that be.

There is more but I can't speak right now.

Edit: I probably should point out (now that I have calmed down a little) that when I say I have this or my kids do, it would be a milkshake or a fruit smoothie, and I am praying right now that they are no where near as bad as this shake. - But I should probably check.

Any item with grossly excessive fat, sugar and calories should come with warning, like the annoying windows boxes - are you sure you want to consume this ridiculous amount of junk?

Tuesday, 27 May 2008

Laser Eye Surgery

I am considering laser eye surgery. I really dislike wear glasses and contact lenses have got increasingly difficult for me to wear, especially as I am allergic to the new silicon materials they use. I have to wear older generation lenses, that aren't as good for your eyes.

So - I have contacted a couple of places and am waiting for the replies.

I am very nervous about it cos it's my eyes, but on the other hand can't wait. I know a couple of people who have had it done and they rave about it. Also I have never heard anything bad - please don't send horror stories.

Still not been on the telly, I think this is a tactic to get none TV watchers to watch TV. I didn't even realise until Friday night that I can't get channel 9 on my TV. We watch Wollongong TV and it is a different TV schedule.

I have been watching it via the computer. Maybe tonight.

Thursday, 22 May 2008

We're gonna be on TV.........

........unless of course, we suck and they decide not to show it.

I get my fruit and veggies delivered weekly from a local business. 9.30am this morning, I was helping out at pre-school when I got a phonecall asking if I would be home this afternoon when the veggies were being delivered. Yes, I should be says I - good, said she, because Channel 9 are coming to film the delivery and would like to talk to you. Is that ok?

What could I say? I was panicked, they were coming at 3.30pm, I will not be home until about 3.15pm and I have not been home all day. No cleaning time for me, no time to do my hair and make-up, barely time to wash the kids faces.

It all went well I think. A Current Affair are doing a report on the quality of fruit and veg in the supermarkets and looking at alternatives for buying them. They asked heaps of questions and then disappeared. It should be on TV either tomorrow (Friday) or Monday.

Hope it's ok.

Monday, 19 May 2008

Yesterday headed to Vision Valley to pick up my son from Band Camp. The kids played a couple of songs and were very good. I am so proud of him. I think they were concentrating so hard on getting it right, they forgot they were playing to a room full of adults, most competing for the best spot to photograph their child.

Got really peeved at some oldies, who managed to push their way to the front, plead pain and demand they got into the auditorium to sit down and rest their weary bodies. Ok, some people need to sit down, but what about those of us who actually got out of bed early enough (early morning PT has its rewards) to arrive in time to get a seat near the front (even though there were heaps ahead of us).

What really annoyed me was that those half dozen oldies managed to go without their walking sticks long enough to totally 'reserve' the first few rows for their very able bodied, well rested (due to long lie in) friends and family.

Sorry for any offence, elderly people who are pleasant and considerate, deserve and get my full respect, but at what age does it become ok to be rude and disrespectful to others of any age? Jon kept telling me that I will be old one day, and I hope I will but I also hope that I am polite, like my gran, she is just the most classy lady, still now, that I have ever met.

Next we headed to the shops for a couple of bits. In jest, after seeing a sign for ear piercing I asked Miss T aged 4 if she wanted hers done. She has been talking about it a lot lately but was afraid that it might hurt - and that was ok with me.

As predicted, she said not yet, when I am bigger. But then changed her mind. Panic on my part set in, how can I say no. I brought it up, my mild tease had backfired, thankfully Jon was with me. He agreed to take her in while I kept my other kids a safe distance away, I didn't want Miss T to get distracted and end up with a nice pink sparkly (girly to the end) earring in her cheek.

She was fine until the lady said hold her head to your chest, at this point she freaked a bit though not as much as when the pain hit her. Normally she is a tough cookie, will hold in a cry and get on with it. Not this time, she let rip, she screamed though managed through her screams and tears to firmly state, "YOU ARE NOT DOING THE OTHER ONE."

20 minutes later with bribes of milkshakes, and threats of looking like a boy if she only had one done, somehow, (how, I can't remember) we prised her shoulder from her ear (two of us now and the evil lady, oh no, that is now me) and got the deed done.

She looked at me like she really hated me and would never forgive me and said, "it didn't hurt like you said." I apologised profusely and begged for a cuddle.

10 minutes later, I couldn't get the smile off her face, she was prancing around the playground flicking her hair away from her ears so everyone within a 2km radius could see the pink diamonds sparkling in her ears.

She ran up to me, got close to my face and said, "I love my earrings." and ran off again.

I'm still not sure if I made the right decision, I mean why is it that as parents it is ok to inflict this kind of pain on your 4 year old daughter. If anyone else did it, I would kill them.

It is not even for a religious or cultural or medical reason. I'm just glad she now loves them otherwise, I would be having nightmares for years.

And why is it that I could do it to my 4 year old but not to my 3 year old, I don't think it is the age thing I think it is more because my 3 year old is my baby and, she is not as girly.

Although she did tantrum cos I wouldn't let her have hers done, though later seeing her sister's pain she said she wasn't getting hers done til she was a mum.

Saturday, 17 May 2008

Law of Distraction

A symptom of having 3 young children (from memory even just one young child) is that you very rarely, if ever, get to have a complete conversation or finish a job completely without being interrupted or side-tracked.

I am missing my son, I just want to call him and see how he is doing, to share in his excitement. I don't want to have to wait until tomorrow when I collect him because I will have to compete for his attention with his dad and his sisters (even though I know his computer will win).

Sometimes I feel like a fraud as a parent and wife because I hardly ever give my complete attention to my children or husband. Even if I appear to be, I am still thinking, is it time to prepare dinner yet? What clothes need to be ironed for tomorrow?

I am the queen of lists, I forget so much if I don't write it down (because I am always distracted) not for ever but usually until it is late enough for everything to be a last minute panic.

Today I have done 2 loads of washing and brought them in and folded them, caught up on some blogs, read the news, made pumpkin soup, zucchini muffins, chopped and prepared veg for dinner, made a salad, made I don't know how many snacks for my ever hungry children, washed up so many times I have forgot, tidied up my fridge amongst other things and now I have a spare few minutes and I just want to talk to my son.

OK time is up, time to make dinner for the girls.

Friday, 16 May 2008

I'm not on a diet

Kerryn tagged me

The Rules

1. Post a photo of one of your favourite healthy meals.

2. Title the post I'm Not on a Diet

3. Link back to this post.

4. Tag 5 other people.

So here goes - Thai Style Salmon and Noodles

Yummy and quick and easy to prepare - actually got the idea from an airline meal - who would have thought it?

I tag


Band Camp

My son just headed off to band camp today. He is very capable and will be just fine, but I personally think that 8 years old is a little too young to be going away for the weekend with school (especially having seen American Pie Band Camp). Having said that I hated the fact that when he was in scouts, in order for him to go away, a parent had to go with him. I guess I can't have it both ways.

It will be really strange not going into his room as I go to bed and tucking him in and kissing him goodnight.

It will also be really strange not shouting at him to stop winding the girls up or nagging him to pick up his dirty socks.

He went off this morning, shouting yeah - no chores for the weekend. I will be really peeved if there isn't - cos when I went away with school - many years ago, we had heaps of chores to do. Has life changed that much?

We have to collect him on Sunday. The school takes him away, but we have to go and get him!What if I don't want to? What if I like my smaller family? - Only joking.

We also get to see the band play together for the first time. Most of them only started playing instruments in February and on Sunday they are putting on their first concert, and in a couple of weeks, they are playing in a competition. The learning ability of children amazes me. If only they appreciated that while they were young.

I'm not on a diet.........

.....I just choose to eat well.

Thursday, 15 May 2008

Get over it.

Is this you?

I want to be thin.

Well, what I really want is to eat crap all day but not get fat……. or unhealthy or sick.


Everyone else eats crap. – Who? – everyone……….. everyone around me is always eating cakes and chips and chocolate etc.

And they look good – right? Have the body you want?

Well……no – not really, well I guess not at all.

So, those people that do have the bodies and health that you admire, like your friends here in blogland for example, do they eat crap all the time?

Hmmm – no

Do they mostly eat healthy, nutritious meals?

Err – yes

So - to get the body you want,

You need to stop whining about the high calorie, high sugar and high fat, additive laden foods that the marketing companies brain wash you into believing are yummy and that you can’t live a day without them?

You need to take responsibility for your own health?

You need to stop feeling like you are the only person in the world that can’t eat chocolate whenever they feel like it and not get fat?


Monday, 12 May 2008

Mobile Phones (part 2)

Thank you for all your comments about my post on mobile phones, especially to those who commented for the first time - it is nice to meet you. I have been over to your blogs, but because I have been busy, I haven't been able to comment yet.

I am glad you agree with me. He will get a phone when I need to be able to contact him or need him to be able to contact me, until then, he will just have to cope with, TV, DVD, computer, Playstation, MP3, Gameboy and all the other stuff I didn't have when I was his age.

I have seen what I think are proper walkie talkies, that work within a 1-2km range, I thought they might be a good idea so that I can give him a bit of freedom in a shopping centre or department store, maybe when shopping for Christmas presents, but then I still don't think I am ready for that yet? Will I ever be? I'm pretty sure he will be telling me if I am being too protective.

Mothers Day Classic

My son and I did the Mothers Day Classic 4km run yesterday, we did intend to run/walk, however we managed to run most of the way. The first km over the damp grass was the hardest.

I am so proud of him. We got to the 2km in about 15 minutes and at that point he decided that he wanted to finish in under 30 minutes - and he did - 29 minutes and 51 seconds. I am so very proud of him. From a little boy that didn't think he could run to running 4km in less than 30 minutes. He is already excited about next years run.

At the time we were running, my dad was celebrating his wedding in England. My family from Canada were supposed to be there, however my Auntie is battling breast cancer at the moment and was too sick to go. It made the morning very emotional, but at least I was there doing my best.

My son asked why I wasn't wearing a tribute. Because I was running for every man, woman and child who has been or may in the future, be affected by breast cancer.

It's been a while

Jon arrived home from Europe last Saturday (3rd May) and he brought his mum with him so this week has been very busy. We haven't seen his mum since we left England almost 7 years ago.

I didn't have a very good relationship with his mum back then so was very wary when I found out about her visit. But... it actually went very well. The kids adored her and warmed to her very quickly, even the girls that have never seen her before.

She enjoyed herself so much that she is planning her return trip. She only stayed a week (she flew out yesterday) so hopefully next time she can come for a bit longer.

This was actually her first trip on a plane so she is doing very well to travel back on her own.

Friday, 2 May 2008

Mobile phones

My son is in year 3 and going away to band camp in a couple of weeks. Some of the kids are complaining because they can't take their mobile phones.

I asked him if many kids had them, he said that most of the kids in his grade have them. I asked if they were phones that they used or just that they played with, I guess I am behind the times because I think it is ridiculous that an 8 year old would have or need a mobile phone.

My son would never be away from me to the extent that he would even need one.

Have I got it all wrong?

It doesn't feel right

My dad is remarrying next week and I truly wish my dad and his new wife all the best.

However, I have just wrote out their wedding card. All is good. Then it came to addressing the envelope and that is where it just feels weird.

Firstly, as is the done thing, I addressed it to Mr and Mrs X (well not really but I can't put in their real name) anyhow, this is my "mam and dad" (or it was) and it doesn't feel right, my mam still uses her married name and probably always will unless she remarries herself.

Secondly, the address, my dad bought out my mam's share of the house when they divorced, so I now am addressing to Mr and Mrs x at my mam and dad's old house (are you following?) feels even more not right.

I hold no grudges or fault or blame at my dad's new wife, they met after my parents divorce and this has nothing to do with her, but - she now has my mam's name and my mam's address. It just isn't right.

But I guess I will have to get over it and go and post the card on my way back from the chiro.

Thursday, 1 May 2008

40kmh zones

Do you know what makes me more angry than people driving at 40kmh in school zones during school holidays or at 6am in the morning - its people passing me to drive at least 6okmh in school zones whilst using a mobile phone. Do they think I drive at 40kmh for fun, no, I do it to protect our children.

3 children ended up in hospital on Tuesday, the first day back to school. All 3 were hit in school zones.

Monday, 28 April 2008


Not much to update, kids not back to school until tomorrow so had last day with my son.
We cleaned his baritone and struggled to get all of the water out and stop the gurgling noise.
We went to the park for a bike ride. Miss T loved her new Independence on two wheels, I hope it never progresses to two wheels and an engine.

I had a friend visit for a coffee and a catch up this morning for an hour and a friend around lunchtime.

We talked to my sister and brother in law and nephew in the UK.

Jon called lots, he has hit the shops and keeps calling to tell me what he has bought/is buying. He is also bringing his mother back from the UK with him. Hmmmm

Miss T is a budding artist, I think she is fantastic and maybe I am biased but I don't care. Above is one of her recent pictures. I thought it was a great foot, but she informed me that it is a broccoli. I don't know what inspired a 4 year old to draw a broccoli, but I like it.

Sunday, 27 April 2008

We've had tears

It has just hit me that sometime in the next couple of hours my husband is going to see my mam, dad, brother and sister and nephews all of which I have not seen for nearly seven years (if at all), with the exception of my mam who I saw a year ago, (but still, a year...) and I am really sad about it, I really want to be there. I am trying to hold it together for my kids, but am struggling.

I miss my husband and I miss my family.

Friday, 25 April 2008

The rain stopped today...

...and the clouds cleared long enough for me to send the kids outside to play for a while, feeling quite confident that it wasn't going to rain again, in the next hour or so.

What did my middle daughter do? She went outside and rode her bike. No biggie I hear you say, but - SHE CAN'T RIDE HER BIKE. We have been trying to get her to ride her bike for a few months now, on and off.

Last week Jon took the pedals off and got her to just push herself along and get used to balancing. She was doing really well that on the day he left for Europe, he put the pedals back on and off we went to the nearest flat park to try and ride the bike.

The tantrums were unbelievable and if TJ does not want to do something, there is no way. So instead she ran the oval with CJ who is training for the Mother's Day Classic next month. She did really well with her running, but was not in the slightest interested in her bike.

Then in typical TJ style, in her own time, with no one watching and no pressure on, she went outside and just did it, she came in to tell me what she had done. Barely a wobble, it was like she had been riding without training wheels for months.

We knew she had been ready for months but I think she is the one that is never going to listen or take advice from her parents. Not that she will admit anyway.

On a more sad note, we lost CJ's Siamese fighting fish to fish heaven today. The other 2 are going strong (I think) though I have a feeling they won't be with us much longer. We always seem to lose them as the weather cools. Maybe he was the mini egg thief and just couldn't live with the guilt any longer.

Wednesday, 23 April 2008

I think we have a mouse

Our calendar system of counting down the days until Dad comes home is not working. Something or someone is sneaking the mini eggs.

They are almost disappearing from under our very noses.

No one is owning up to it. However, each child except the smallest has had at least one go missing.

Inspector CJ clueless (my Son) has concluded that it must be the smallest one, though it is the middle one that cannot resist chocolate. Is she smart enough to eat one of her own eggs to try and sway the jury?

Either way on the basis of the egg calendar, dad could be home tomorrow.

Weather report

My daughter predicts that tomorrow is going to be "a really really happy sunny day so that we can all go to the playground and not get wet and cold."

Sounds good to me.

Tuesday, 22 April 2008

The wonder of technology

...but what about the time difference?

My husband touched down in Zurich last night our time after 24 hours of travel, he then had to drive, on his own, on the wrong side of the road, with only a map and find his way to Ludesch in Austria.

I got a call from him as he was driving and trying to navigate, this was at 10.45pm last night. I did not stay on the phone long, I always have a fear of hearing him have an accident while he is driving, so said my goodbyes and that I would talk to him later. Now, I couldn't decide whether to get out of bed and go to the bathroom or wait until morning. I decided to wait, but 20 minutes later, I got a frantic call asking me to log on to google maps and direct him to Austria, cos he wasn't sure whether he was going in the right direction.

I had to wait until he saw a road sign (in foreign) and then try and figure out where he was. He was as it happens driving in completely the wrong direction (as he suspected) and was on his way to Germany and not Austria. (Germany is not until Tuesday afternoon)

An hour later he is on the right track, so I had my trip to the bathroom and off to bed (again). I slept so soundly that I didn't even hear his text telling me he had got there safely.

So the wonders of modern technology, I can navigate with the use of the internet and mobile phones from the other side of the world, but I can't change the time.

Life's disappointments

I have 2 little girls that are very sad right now. We were expecting friends to come over for a play is afternoon and I have just had a text to say that they can't come and would have to re-schedule.

I am desperately thinking of ways to cheer them up that does not involve chocolate or any other food bribe or shopping and the promise of something nice.

Luckily children get over these let downs much quicker than adults.

Monday, 21 April 2008

So last night we had the traumatic goodbyes, Jon flew out of the country for a trip to Europe. He is going to Zurich, Austria, Dusseldorf for business and then flies to the UK to spend a bit of time with his (and my) family.

Our son was devastated, he is the only one who understands the amount of time his dad will be away. The girls are too small.

I have given them each 12 mini eggs (left over from Easter) and they can have one each day after dinner. When they finish the last one, they get ready for bed and in the morning their dad will be either here or on the way from the airport - assuming they don't get up too early.

Jon isn't telling his parents he is going home, he is hoping it will be a surprise. Personally I think that is a bad idea, but it is not my choice, all my family know he is coming and are really looking forward to it. Apart from my mam, neither of us have seen our families for 6 and a half years, and most of them have not even met my girls, our son was 2 when we left the UK.

Jon gets back on 3 May and on the 10th my Dad remarries, I would really love to be there but unfortunately it just wasn't/isn't possible financially. I would also like to be there for my mam, I am pretty sure she is not ready for my dad to be getting married again. Also I have nieces and nephews that I have not met.

At least it is something to look forward to sometime in the future.

Wednesday, 16 April 2008

School sports

I tried not to become a mother that got involved in school politics. I thought that my children would go to the local public school and high school. Granted we moved into an area that was renowned for good public schools, but beyond that we didn't think too much about it.

My son is in year 3 now and I am finding myself frustrated with the education system. I also find it difficult because coming from England, I have not experienced first hand the system here.

The thing that got my goat most recently is the sport, physical education, exercise situation.

At the beginning of the first term, we were offered the option of paying an additional fee for my son to play tennis at an outside organisation during his sport lesson. We chose for him to play a variety of sports and therefore stay in school for his lesson.

At the end of last term he tried out for the junior soccer team. For many reasons, including that the team included kids from years 3,4 & 5, he did not get in this year. What I didn't realise until later was that 50 children tried out for 11 places plus 2 substitutes. It really upsets me that there is only one team, I think it is extremely sad that 37 children that were keen to play a sport are missing out, especially with the childhood obesity rates as they are. What is even more sad is that I am sure our school is not the only school with keen children unable to play.

I tried to encourage my son and say that at least he had his sport lessons and that he could have fun there and learn a range of sports. His reply, it is so boring mam. We can't even throw the ball. When we play cricket we have to roll the ball along the floor. What else do you do I enquired? Not much it is all boring.

Next term I will do my best to get him in the tennis coaching lessons.

I admit I haven't pursued my disappointments with the school or the education system, but still feel the school should have a duty to get our kids moving.

Not stupid

My daughter just figured the relationship between numbers and chores.

When I ask my children to tidy up, I give them a number and that is how many things they have to pick up and put away. This evening I asked Miss T to pick some toys up. She asked how many. I told her to pick a number, a couple of seconds passed and she started to giggle. I looked at her and she said, I was going to say 1. I said she needed to choose more than 4 (because that is how old she is) she said 5.

Conclusion - she is not stupid.

Breast Cancer/Mothers Day Classic

My son has agreed to run/walk, the Mothers Day Classic with me this year. It is our first fun run/race together and he is quite nervous about it.

He thinks he will be left behind and that he is not good enough. Despite this he has agreed to do it, we are training together for it and enjoying this time together. I am very proud of him. This is totally outside of his comfort zone.

If you would like to sponsor us and help us raise money for such a worthy cause, you can do so here.

Any words of encouragement you can send him will also be very well received. He can do this and I am going to be there when he does. How cool is that?

Monday, 14 April 2008

Please don't call DOCs

Today did not get off to a great start.

Got home after a client training session and was making a cup of hot chocolate as my son was getting his breakfast.

My hot choc was not mixing well and was lumpy so I put it into the shaker and started to shake, whilst holding the lid on (a nervous habit). However, I did not hold it on well enough, it exploded and spat red hot chocolate all over my near naked (jama pants only) 8 year old son. It went all over his neck and shoulder - as well as the rest of the kitchen and everything in it, although not my concern at the time. He was screaming, but I managed surprisingly, calmly, to get him to the bathroom and started splashing cold water on and until I made him strip and get into a freezing cold shower. Every 5 minutes he got out for a cuddle and warm up and then back in until the 20 minutes was up. Meantime, I had given him Panadol and called his dad back from his way to work, just in case, I needed to go to the hospital.

Thankfully, he was and is ok. it did not really burn him, he has no scars or red marks, anymore. I still feel guilty, but glad that I knew what to do. It's really important, not just as a trainer but as a mother to keep up to date with first aid.

Unfortunately this is not his first incident with burns, he burnt the palms of his hands a couple of years ago when on the monkey bars, that time was much worse, but again, thankfully no lasting scars or problems.

He is really winding me up by running a mile whenever I boil the kettle or sit down for a calming peppermint tea, he is not going to let my guilt disappear anytime soon. Regardless though, it is his bedtime and he is not staying up late.

Saturday, 12 April 2008

Drunken phone message

This morning, an early start for a 5.30am client, well 3 actually but only one turned up.

Off to soccer, my son has joined a new team this year and last week was not a great success, this week was much better, still a loss but some really good play. It is hard when new teams get together, especially as about 2/3 of the team are playing one or two age groups up.

When I got home, there was a drunken message on my home phone, someone professing their love for me. I'm not sure who it was but from what I could gather from the message, it was a girlfriend from my past, probably school, who had bumped into my sister in a nightclub back home. She must have called me from my sister's mobile phone. The person said she had not talked to me in years but that she will talk lots soon as my sister is giving her my email address.

I left the UK nearly 7 years ago and my hometown 16 years ago, so I figure it is at least that long since I spoke to her, if not longer. I may have last seen her during our high school exams.

I look forward to the email - and talking to my sister, she can hopefully shed some light on who it was.

Friday, 11 April 2008

Quiet day

A quiet day for me so far. A client early this morning, then make lunches and get kids off to various schools and preschools. Back home for a bit of paperwork and reading and then off to the physio.

The physio went well, improvements all round. Still no increase in training though, another week of the same and then hopefully next week, I can ramp it up a bit. Did manage a couple of very little runs this week - v little - but runs none the less.

Picked the kids up and now listening to my son practicing his baratone upstairs. At least now we have a tune coming out of it.

School holidays now. Will I survive?

Thursday, 10 April 2008

Hold on to your ears

My youngest daughter hates noise, even as a baby, the wind and waves on a beach freaked her.

Yesterday, she was sitting on the toilet, in full view, as people with kids well know. Her feet swinging about a quarter of the way to the floor, elbows on knees and hands on ears.

I asked her what noise was scaring her, the music, the washing machine, no she said, "I am just keeping my ears warm."

Why I ask, "Is it cold in here?"

"No," she replies, "it's just when I do a poo, my ears get cold."

I thought this was bizarre and had to phone to tell my husband. Later when discussing it, my son overheard, and didn't think it was strange at all, and tried to tell us of his experiences with cold ears.

Am I the only person with strange children?

Wednesday, 9 April 2008

Cheap Tuesday

I know that fuel is cheaper on "Cheap Tuesday" and I always try to get fuel either on Tuesday or Wednesday morning, but when I was on my way home from my client last night there was a queue about 15-20 cars long on the road outside the petrol station.

I consider myself to be a calm and patient person, however, I know I would not wait that long for cheap or should I say cheaper fuel $1.35 is not really cheap.

Conclusion, maybe I am not as calm and patient as I think I am.

Tuesday, 8 April 2008


My son just asked, "Can we buy a jar of Nutella?"

Er - no

1 You can't take it to school (allergies or something)
2 By tomorrow, I would have eaten half the jar
3 The other half would be in the bin

I don't know how many half jars or Nutella I have thrown in the bin over the years. Every time I think I have mastered moderation, Nutella bites me on the bum.

So - no!!

The gym

I had a very short workout today, my youngest daughter was very clingy (not at all like her) and didn't want me to leave her at the creche. I think though it had more to do with me forgetting her lunchbox - even though it was only 9.30am. She likes to have it with her.

I didn't think it was fair on the staff to leave her like that but they kicked me out and said she would be fine. They gave up their own morning tea to keep her happy.

I did a quick cycle and 10 mins on the treadmill (don't tell my physio - he has banned me from running, but I figure I would rather try it just before an appt than after one) and 10 mins on the cross trainer, a very quick and very light leg press and stretches and out. That is pretty much all I am allowed to do on lower body at the moment anyway.

I've been thinking of changing gyms. Does anyone else get to the stage where they feel it is time for a change. I have been there 2 years now. The staff in the creche are so good though and at the moment that is a really big thing for me, but I just have that niggle, I hated the change rooms, but yesterday they opened the new ones, and very nice they are too. I know too many people and spend a lot of my training session talking.

Then again, I think I am down on the gym because of my injuries and they didn't cause them, nor will they disappear if I join somewhere else.

I'm trying not to make any rash decisions but it's tough.

Monday, 7 April 2008

Where have you been?

I know, it's been ages. I have been keeping upto date with everyone and reading a few new blogs (to me anyway).

Our friends are back in the UK now and complaining about the weather (not surprising) I haven't however told them that it is cold and raining here this week, I still want them to move here. (Helen if you are reading this, sorry!) At the moment they are planning on September. Fingers crossed.

My house still isn't straight, not because of them, just because I can't be bothered to do it. I hate housework. I was so houseproud before children, but not anymore. I don't see the point. I can quite happily clean, but I hate tidying up especially after other people. Not really sure what I thought having 3 children would be like but there you go.

Jon is away again tonight and not back til late tomorrow so again I, have to find someone to watch my kids while I go to work. And then he goes to Europe for 2 weeks soon and again, I will have to (Jon just called while I was writing this and arranged a sitter for tomorrow, he's not all bad) either cancel or arrange a sitter then.

Another option though is to perhaps, see if my clients would come to me just for those dates.

OK off to school to get my son.