Saturday, 31 January 2009

Pick up from the airport

Dad and June's flight was an hour late so we didn't need to leave for the airport so early.

We have an MPV so have seven seats but with luggage and a wheelchair for June with her broken ankle there wasn't enough room to take the kids with us - they were staying here with Jon's mam.

At dinner time though, Jon's mam was not feeling so good and took herself off to her room. I went into panic mode, what were we going to do? We would have to take the kids with us, but to do that we would need to take two cars. Never mind - that's not what I was really thinking but for the purposes of this blog, that will do.

Applying a bit of lippy before we leave and I turn to walk out of the bathroom as Jon walks in - for some reason we were both quieter than stealth bombers and neither knew the other was there. A collision occurred and my right big toe nail just happened to be lifted off the nail bed, by Jon's massive trainers.

The pain was more than I could ever have imagined, I screamed and immediately had 6 little eyes peering at my now upright toenail. Miss T the middle child decided that now would be a good time for a very graphic description - I told her, very politely I might add, to go away.

My brain was already working overtime about how was I going to get to the airport - not going was not an option.

Some may think I was being a drama queen, some will be sharing the pain with me - but my pain threshold is very very low and it hurt - A LOT.

Jon was very brave and faced the music he did not run at all - he did however mention later that he moved a pair of scissors that were close by. I think he had visions of scissors in his eyes!

I just screamed for Panadol. 20 minutes later Jon's mam got up and asked what was going on, we had, well me really, had woken her. Through bitter clenched teeth, I apologised. I'm not sure if I was sincere, sarcastic or delirious but I said sorry. Far too British it think - must work on that.

40 minutes needed more Panadol - it hadn't touched the pain at all.

Needed to pick up Dad and June - I couldn't get on any shoes at all - nor could I walk. Jon's mam suggested I wait here - red rag to bull. I was going and I think she saw that in my eyes, so kept quiet after that.

I decided to go and just wait in the car. The thought of waiting in the car and Jon seeing my dad before me nearly killed me but it was the only option.

At this point, I should mention I hate speed bumps. It hurts a lot when you go over them.

Got to the airport - not liking Jon very much at this moment but also seeing the funny side now and again - maybe the pills were working, not on the pain but on my mind.

Jon headed off to get them and I settled down, as much as I could with pain like someone had ripped off my toe nail. oh they had!!!

5 minutes later Jon appears back at the car with a WHEELCHAIR. I couldn't do it - what would it look like, my new stepmum in a wheelchair with a broken ankle and me - in a wheelchair. Was I taking the pxxx? How to make a good impression.

Jon convinced me to do it. I did it. I met my dad and June - both of us in a wheelchair. We all saw the funny side - and then my pain killers wore off.

We were travelling up to Coffs Harbour for a beach and pool holiday the next morning at 5am - so I decided to go to the hospital to see if they could help me.

Long story - I got seen at 3am - they made me feel very guilty for wasting their time but they fixed it. It hurt a lot but was hugely improved the next day.

More later.....

A month full of laughs and a little sadness

ok ok... so much has been going on, I have so much to tell. I will start with the end though, I took my dad and June back to the airport yesterday. I was very brave, I went on my own, Jon offered to come with me but to be honest, if he had come I think I would have totally crumbled. Having to compose myself to drive back to the hills to pick my kids up from school helped.

Having said that, my goodbye was very quick, I just couldn't handle it, I said goodbye and walked away. When I saw my dad, who never cries, flush red, I knew it was time to go - tears are flowing now - I just hope it is not 7 years til I see him again. He hasn't changed a bit. He is still a complete idiot who makes me laugh all the time. It will be very quiet around here without him.

June was lovely (luvleeeigh - will explain later) as well and I shouldn't leave her out - but it really is all about my dad right now.

Things of note to follow

- airport pick up and wheelchair incident
- Coffs Harbour
- drunken nights
- jamberoo
- dancing in the rain
- the blender incident
- the night time toilet incident
- the ferry incident
- dropping the child on his head incident
- Miss T starting school
- regression or recession
- card tricks

I am sure there are many more.

Friday, 2 January 2009

In the air

My dad and his wife have left the UK, they are in the air and on their way. In less than 24 hours I will see my dad again for the first time since 18 September 2001. When I left England for New Zealand I had a 2 year old son. He is now 9 and has 2 sisters aged 3 and 5.

I cry just thinking about the reunion, it will not be a pretty sight at the airport tomorrow.

Thursday, 1 January 2009

Happy New Year

I hope everyone has a very happy, healthy and successful 2009.

Our New Year's Eve was not exactly as planned, well not at all as planned actually. Jon came home from work on Tuesday evening and was very sick and that continued into yesterday, he started to get better in the afternoon but I didn't think it would be fair to go and sit in a park with hundreds of other people when you were not feeling the best. We stayed at home with the children, they had some sparklers and I had some wine.

I've been reading a lot of blogs these last few days (nothing new there) but a lot are making New Year Resolutions and last night I realised that I hadn't thought about what mine might be. I am sure that is for many reasons including, my dad arrives in 2 more sleeps, we have Jon's mam here with us now, my kids have kept me very busy since school holidays started and probably the main one is that I am always working towards a goal or goals.

I admit they are not always perfectly worded or have time frames attached, and this is something I can definitely work on, but they are always there and at the back of my mind.