Tuesday, 27 May 2008

Laser Eye Surgery

I am considering laser eye surgery. I really dislike wear glasses and contact lenses have got increasingly difficult for me to wear, especially as I am allergic to the new silicon materials they use. I have to wear older generation lenses, that aren't as good for your eyes.

So - I have contacted a couple of places and am waiting for the replies.

I am very nervous about it cos it's my eyes, but on the other hand can't wait. I know a couple of people who have had it done and they rave about it. Also I have never heard anything bad - please don't send horror stories.

Still not been on the telly, I think this is a tactic to get none TV watchers to watch TV. I didn't even realise until Friday night that I can't get channel 9 on my TV. We watch Wollongong TV and it is a different TV schedule.

I have been watching it via the computer. Maybe tonight.

Thursday, 22 May 2008

We're gonna be on TV.........

........unless of course, we suck and they decide not to show it.

I get my fruit and veggies delivered weekly from a local business. 9.30am this morning, I was helping out at pre-school when I got a phonecall asking if I would be home this afternoon when the veggies were being delivered. Yes, I should be says I - good, said she, because Channel 9 are coming to film the delivery and would like to talk to you. Is that ok?

What could I say? I was panicked, they were coming at 3.30pm, I will not be home until about 3.15pm and I have not been home all day. No cleaning time for me, no time to do my hair and make-up, barely time to wash the kids faces.

It all went well I think. A Current Affair are doing a report on the quality of fruit and veg in the supermarkets and looking at alternatives for buying them. They asked heaps of questions and then disappeared. It should be on TV either tomorrow (Friday) or Monday.

Hope it's ok.

Monday, 19 May 2008

Yesterday headed to Vision Valley to pick up my son from Band Camp. The kids played a couple of songs and were very good. I am so proud of him. I think they were concentrating so hard on getting it right, they forgot they were playing to a room full of adults, most competing for the best spot to photograph their child.

Got really peeved at some oldies, who managed to push their way to the front, plead pain and demand they got into the auditorium to sit down and rest their weary bodies. Ok, some people need to sit down, but what about those of us who actually got out of bed early enough (early morning PT has its rewards) to arrive in time to get a seat near the front (even though there were heaps ahead of us).

What really annoyed me was that those half dozen oldies managed to go without their walking sticks long enough to totally 'reserve' the first few rows for their very able bodied, well rested (due to long lie in) friends and family.

Sorry for any offence, elderly people who are pleasant and considerate, deserve and get my full respect, but at what age does it become ok to be rude and disrespectful to others of any age? Jon kept telling me that I will be old one day, and I hope I will but I also hope that I am polite, like my gran, she is just the most classy lady, still now, that I have ever met.

Next we headed to the shops for a couple of bits. In jest, after seeing a sign for ear piercing I asked Miss T aged 4 if she wanted hers done. She has been talking about it a lot lately but was afraid that it might hurt - and that was ok with me.

As predicted, she said not yet, when I am bigger. But then changed her mind. Panic on my part set in, how can I say no. I brought it up, my mild tease had backfired, thankfully Jon was with me. He agreed to take her in while I kept my other kids a safe distance away, I didn't want Miss T to get distracted and end up with a nice pink sparkly (girly to the end) earring in her cheek.

She was fine until the lady said hold her head to your chest, at this point she freaked a bit though not as much as when the pain hit her. Normally she is a tough cookie, will hold in a cry and get on with it. Not this time, she let rip, she screamed though managed through her screams and tears to firmly state, "YOU ARE NOT DOING THE OTHER ONE."

20 minutes later with bribes of milkshakes, and threats of looking like a boy if she only had one done, somehow, (how, I can't remember) we prised her shoulder from her ear (two of us now and the evil lady, oh no, that is now me) and got the deed done.

She looked at me like she really hated me and would never forgive me and said, "it didn't hurt like you said." I apologised profusely and begged for a cuddle.

10 minutes later, I couldn't get the smile off her face, she was prancing around the playground flicking her hair away from her ears so everyone within a 2km radius could see the pink diamonds sparkling in her ears.

She ran up to me, got close to my face and said, "I love my earrings." and ran off again.

I'm still not sure if I made the right decision, I mean why is it that as parents it is ok to inflict this kind of pain on your 4 year old daughter. If anyone else did it, I would kill them.

It is not even for a religious or cultural or medical reason. I'm just glad she now loves them otherwise, I would be having nightmares for years.

And why is it that I could do it to my 4 year old but not to my 3 year old, I don't think it is the age thing I think it is more because my 3 year old is my baby and, she is not as girly.

Although she did tantrum cos I wouldn't let her have hers done, though later seeing her sister's pain she said she wasn't getting hers done til she was a mum.

Saturday, 17 May 2008

Law of Distraction

A symptom of having 3 young children (from memory even just one young child) is that you very rarely, if ever, get to have a complete conversation or finish a job completely without being interrupted or side-tracked.

I am missing my son, I just want to call him and see how he is doing, to share in his excitement. I don't want to have to wait until tomorrow when I collect him because I will have to compete for his attention with his dad and his sisters (even though I know his computer will win).

Sometimes I feel like a fraud as a parent and wife because I hardly ever give my complete attention to my children or husband. Even if I appear to be, I am still thinking, is it time to prepare dinner yet? What clothes need to be ironed for tomorrow?

I am the queen of lists, I forget so much if I don't write it down (because I am always distracted) not for ever but usually until it is late enough for everything to be a last minute panic.

Today I have done 2 loads of washing and brought them in and folded them, caught up on some blogs, read the news, made pumpkin soup, zucchini muffins, chopped and prepared veg for dinner, made a salad, made I don't know how many snacks for my ever hungry children, washed up so many times I have forgot, tidied up my fridge amongst other things and now I have a spare few minutes and I just want to talk to my son.

OK time is up, time to make dinner for the girls.

Friday, 16 May 2008

I'm not on a diet

Kerryn tagged me

The Rules

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2. Title the post I'm Not on a Diet

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4. Tag 5 other people.

So here goes - Thai Style Salmon and Noodles

Yummy and quick and easy to prepare - actually got the idea from an airline meal - who would have thought it?

I tag


Band Camp

My son just headed off to band camp today. He is very capable and will be just fine, but I personally think that 8 years old is a little too young to be going away for the weekend with school (especially having seen American Pie Band Camp). Having said that I hated the fact that when he was in scouts, in order for him to go away, a parent had to go with him. I guess I can't have it both ways.

It will be really strange not going into his room as I go to bed and tucking him in and kissing him goodnight.

It will also be really strange not shouting at him to stop winding the girls up or nagging him to pick up his dirty socks.

He went off this morning, shouting yeah - no chores for the weekend. I will be really peeved if there isn't - cos when I went away with school - many years ago, we had heaps of chores to do. Has life changed that much?

We have to collect him on Sunday. The school takes him away, but we have to go and get him!What if I don't want to? What if I like my smaller family? - Only joking.

We also get to see the band play together for the first time. Most of them only started playing instruments in February and on Sunday they are putting on their first concert, and in a couple of weeks, they are playing in a competition. The learning ability of children amazes me. If only they appreciated that while they were young.

I'm not on a diet.........

.....I just choose to eat well.

Thursday, 15 May 2008

Get over it.

Is this you?

I want to be thin.

Well, what I really want is to eat crap all day but not get fat……. or unhealthy or sick.


Everyone else eats crap. – Who? – everyone……….. everyone around me is always eating cakes and chips and chocolate etc.

And they look good – right? Have the body you want?

Well……no – not really, well I guess not at all.

So, those people that do have the bodies and health that you admire, like your friends here in blogland for example, do they eat crap all the time?

Hmmm – no

Do they mostly eat healthy, nutritious meals?

Err – yes

So - to get the body you want,

You need to stop whining about the high calorie, high sugar and high fat, additive laden foods that the marketing companies brain wash you into believing are yummy and that you can’t live a day without them?

You need to take responsibility for your own health?

You need to stop feeling like you are the only person in the world that can’t eat chocolate whenever they feel like it and not get fat?


Monday, 12 May 2008

Mobile Phones (part 2)

Thank you for all your comments about my post on mobile phones, especially to those who commented for the first time - it is nice to meet you. I have been over to your blogs, but because I have been busy, I haven't been able to comment yet.

I am glad you agree with me. He will get a phone when I need to be able to contact him or need him to be able to contact me, until then, he will just have to cope with, TV, DVD, computer, Playstation, MP3, Gameboy and all the other stuff I didn't have when I was his age.

I have seen what I think are proper walkie talkies, that work within a 1-2km range, I thought they might be a good idea so that I can give him a bit of freedom in a shopping centre or department store, maybe when shopping for Christmas presents, but then I still don't think I am ready for that yet? Will I ever be? I'm pretty sure he will be telling me if I am being too protective.

Mothers Day Classic

My son and I did the Mothers Day Classic 4km run yesterday, we did intend to run/walk, however we managed to run most of the way. The first km over the damp grass was the hardest.

I am so proud of him. We got to the 2km in about 15 minutes and at that point he decided that he wanted to finish in under 30 minutes - and he did - 29 minutes and 51 seconds. I am so very proud of him. From a little boy that didn't think he could run to running 4km in less than 30 minutes. He is already excited about next years run.

At the time we were running, my dad was celebrating his wedding in England. My family from Canada were supposed to be there, however my Auntie is battling breast cancer at the moment and was too sick to go. It made the morning very emotional, but at least I was there doing my best.

My son asked why I wasn't wearing a tribute. Because I was running for every man, woman and child who has been or may in the future, be affected by breast cancer.

It's been a while

Jon arrived home from Europe last Saturday (3rd May) and he brought his mum with him so this week has been very busy. We haven't seen his mum since we left England almost 7 years ago.

I didn't have a very good relationship with his mum back then so was very wary when I found out about her visit. But... it actually went very well. The kids adored her and warmed to her very quickly, even the girls that have never seen her before.

She enjoyed herself so much that she is planning her return trip. She only stayed a week (she flew out yesterday) so hopefully next time she can come for a bit longer.

This was actually her first trip on a plane so she is doing very well to travel back on her own.

Friday, 2 May 2008

Mobile phones

My son is in year 3 and going away to band camp in a couple of weeks. Some of the kids are complaining because they can't take their mobile phones.

I asked him if many kids had them, he said that most of the kids in his grade have them. I asked if they were phones that they used or just that they played with, I guess I am behind the times because I think it is ridiculous that an 8 year old would have or need a mobile phone.

My son would never be away from me to the extent that he would even need one.

Have I got it all wrong?

It doesn't feel right

My dad is remarrying next week and I truly wish my dad and his new wife all the best.

However, I have just wrote out their wedding card. All is good. Then it came to addressing the envelope and that is where it just feels weird.

Firstly, as is the done thing, I addressed it to Mr and Mrs X (well not really but I can't put in their real name) anyhow, this is my "mam and dad" (or it was) and it doesn't feel right, my mam still uses her married name and probably always will unless she remarries herself.

Secondly, the address, my dad bought out my mam's share of the house when they divorced, so I now am addressing to Mr and Mrs x at my mam and dad's old house (are you following?) feels even more not right.

I hold no grudges or fault or blame at my dad's new wife, they met after my parents divorce and this has nothing to do with her, but - she now has my mam's name and my mam's address. It just isn't right.

But I guess I will have to get over it and go and post the card on my way back from the chiro.

Thursday, 1 May 2008

40kmh zones

Do you know what makes me more angry than people driving at 40kmh in school zones during school holidays or at 6am in the morning - its people passing me to drive at least 6okmh in school zones whilst using a mobile phone. Do they think I drive at 40kmh for fun, no, I do it to protect our children.

3 children ended up in hospital on Tuesday, the first day back to school. All 3 were hit in school zones.