Monday, 19 May 2008

Yesterday headed to Vision Valley to pick up my son from Band Camp. The kids played a couple of songs and were very good. I am so proud of him. I think they were concentrating so hard on getting it right, they forgot they were playing to a room full of adults, most competing for the best spot to photograph their child.

Got really peeved at some oldies, who managed to push their way to the front, plead pain and demand they got into the auditorium to sit down and rest their weary bodies. Ok, some people need to sit down, but what about those of us who actually got out of bed early enough (early morning PT has its rewards) to arrive in time to get a seat near the front (even though there were heaps ahead of us).

What really annoyed me was that those half dozen oldies managed to go without their walking sticks long enough to totally 'reserve' the first few rows for their very able bodied, well rested (due to long lie in) friends and family.

Sorry for any offence, elderly people who are pleasant and considerate, deserve and get my full respect, but at what age does it become ok to be rude and disrespectful to others of any age? Jon kept telling me that I will be old one day, and I hope I will but I also hope that I am polite, like my gran, she is just the most classy lady, still now, that I have ever met.

Next we headed to the shops for a couple of bits. In jest, after seeing a sign for ear piercing I asked Miss T aged 4 if she wanted hers done. She has been talking about it a lot lately but was afraid that it might hurt - and that was ok with me.

As predicted, she said not yet, when I am bigger. But then changed her mind. Panic on my part set in, how can I say no. I brought it up, my mild tease had backfired, thankfully Jon was with me. He agreed to take her in while I kept my other kids a safe distance away, I didn't want Miss T to get distracted and end up with a nice pink sparkly (girly to the end) earring in her cheek.

She was fine until the lady said hold her head to your chest, at this point she freaked a bit though not as much as when the pain hit her. Normally she is a tough cookie, will hold in a cry and get on with it. Not this time, she let rip, she screamed though managed through her screams and tears to firmly state, "YOU ARE NOT DOING THE OTHER ONE."

20 minutes later with bribes of milkshakes, and threats of looking like a boy if she only had one done, somehow, (how, I can't remember) we prised her shoulder from her ear (two of us now and the evil lady, oh no, that is now me) and got the deed done.

She looked at me like she really hated me and would never forgive me and said, "it didn't hurt like you said." I apologised profusely and begged for a cuddle.

10 minutes later, I couldn't get the smile off her face, she was prancing around the playground flicking her hair away from her ears so everyone within a 2km radius could see the pink diamonds sparkling in her ears.

She ran up to me, got close to my face and said, "I love my earrings." and ran off again.

I'm still not sure if I made the right decision, I mean why is it that as parents it is ok to inflict this kind of pain on your 4 year old daughter. If anyone else did it, I would kill them.

It is not even for a religious or cultural or medical reason. I'm just glad she now loves them otherwise, I would be having nightmares for years.

And why is it that I could do it to my 4 year old but not to my 3 year old, I don't think it is the age thing I think it is more because my 3 year old is my baby and, she is not as girly.

Although she did tantrum cos I wouldn't let her have hers done, though later seeing her sister's pain she said she wasn't getting hers done til she was a mum.

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Anonymous said...

Hi there Cherub. Thanks for the tag, I would send something through but I am still learning my way around this the way, with the earing saga. My girls had their ears done when they were 1 (pressie from Ma and Poppy - gee thanks....) But we had numbing cream on them and they sat up with their lolly pops and didn't even on the other hand nearly fainted both times I was that worried I forgot to breathe.....Hopefully I will send through a recipe soon....