Thursday, 18 September 2008

Laser Eye Surgery

Hoping everyone is well. I had my surgery last week and still can't see very clearly, but I will be back (soon I hope).

Thursday, 4 September 2008


My eldest daughter (almost 5) is having nightmares.

She is having nightmares that I am making her eat cute baby chicks in sandwiches.

Last week at her preschool they watched the baby chicks hatch from eggs - and so the questions started.

How do we eat eggs if chicks are inside? Her teacher handled this for me explaining that the eggs we eat are different because the rooster has not helped these eggs.

Another day she asked, What are we having for dinner. Dad answered, We might get a chicken. Her reply was no not a chicken, just chicken....... and then the nightmares.

How long do you think I have before she is a vegan? And, how long do you think it will be before she forgives me when she finds out that eggs and chicken are not the only things she is eating?

Tuesday, 2 September 2008

Camping part 2

Kerryn - I was going to reply in the comments, but I thought this could be a post in itself. I had forgotten the peeing behind bushes and have a couple of short tales to tell.

I remember having to be extremely drunk to even go. Otherwise, nothing would happen, no matter how much I willed it - and I think I know why...................

Growing up in the Lake District, we spent a lot of days out walking and hiking, and peeing behind a tree was compulsory, but my dad used to think it was hilarious to keep lookout and then shout quick someone is coming........ every time and guess what - we never learned.

(I have just wrote an email to my dad telling him how excited we are about him coming - I think I have just changed my mind.)

Another time we were enjoying a nice afternoon on Coniston Water and all of a sudden police with their dogs arrived from all around. Apparently in the next clearing, a guy had attacked two ladies with a chainsaw and were looking for him. Not a nice story but definitely no trips to the trees that afternoon.


Jon was away in Melbourne last week and when he was there he caught up with some friends. He came home on Saturday and on Sunday we bought a tent. Jon decided that the family needed to go camping. Now I don't mind camping and roughing it, well I didn't when I was 18, which was probably the last time I did it. I certainly have not done it with 3 kids and 6 suitcases and a medicine cabinet. My youngest wants to know where the wardrobe will be? Actually that was before she went outside and the bats terrified her. Not sure how she will cope in the bush (although I suspect it will be better than me).

As I said, tents and camping are ok - I am terrified of bugs, spiders and snakes though. In fact when I thought we had a cockroach in our house I slept (well laid in my bed, I didn't sleep much) with my jeans tucked in my socks and my hands inside my sleeves. It was pretty much as soon as we arrived in Australia so I am a bit better now, but not much....

Not as bad as Jon who put his shoes in the fridge when he first came here on business because he couldn't think of anywhere else that would be free of spiders.

Oh my, do we sound like stereotypical Brits?

Do you know of any nice campsites around - preferably bug free. You don't have bears in Australia do you??