Monday, 30 March 2009

la la la

Jon is away for a couple of nights and there has been a spate of aggravated break and enters in our area in the last couple of weeks. I have been awake heaps through the night while Jon has been here, I am not too sure how I will go tonight.

I think it would be easier if it was just me, but I have my 3 little kids to worry about.

Enough of that - la la la happy thoughts.

I love my new heart rate monitor that Jon bought me for my birthday, it tells me all kinds of stuff and unfortunately I am a numbers geek so I love it.

19 sleeps until my mam gets here. I can't wait - we are all so excited, well maybe not Jon but his mum has visited twice in the last 12 months - it's my turn!

Saturday, 28 March 2009

Panic over - for now!

Take myself off to clean teeth and put on a bit of lippy. Remembered there is some BBQ chicken in the fridge, I will make myself a chicken salad sandwich on yummy soy and linseed bread and all will be good with the world again.

See how the scale derails me. At least I didn't head for the food cupboard, I am determined not to binge over this.

Warning - disordered mind spill

Very recent journal extract:

0.4kg gain this week. I honestly do think I am doing everything right, training and eating, however, I am tempted to log food, but not count calories, but from an eating disorder point of view, I need to not make food my focus, I just need to eat healthy meals and not snack. I have to remember that while I want to lose weight, my number 1 priority right now is not to binge or overeat. My number 2 priority is to exercise regularly, so I guess weight loss is only 3rd, I need to remember this. That said, based on the science, to gain half a kg I needed to have consumed 3500 cals more than I needed. Given that I am burning c2000 cals a week more than in recent months, I must have consumed 5500 more cals than I needed - 785 extra a day. That is impossible. So what does this mean? - It's nearly lunch time, I am hungry, I walked to the kitchen and realised, I don't know what to eat and that I am quite scared to eat in case I gain more weight. I'm crying now, I don't know what to do. I feel really silly this shouldn't be a big deal.

Sunday, 22 March 2009

Mothers Day

Happy Mothers Day Mam.... and to all the other Mum's who celebrate today.


I had Chinese takeaway for dinner last night and today I was invited to Yum Cha for lunch today - and I didn't decline.

Monday, 16 March 2009

Birthday parties

The weekends over and we are in to a new week. My early Monday client training session went well, the kids have been dropped at school, together with a Euphonium and a doll, because it is 'd' week in the Kindergarten class.

I am getting ready to take my youngest who is now 4 to playgroup.

We had her party at home yesterday, she enjoyed it but I am not sure we did, in fact I know we didn't. It was so stressful and I missed most of it cue to preparing food and organising.

It was hard because some of the kids, well their mum's brought siblings, which I understand however it did mess up the numbers for the games. I had planned 12 layers for pass the parcel but now I had more children and unfortunately, it was the birthday girl that missed out. 

I feel really selfish and know it is not about me or my enjoyment but.........never again. Please remind me if I consider this again. The cleaning before, the cleaning after, the tears, the fights (and that's just me and Jon - only joking).  Seriously now - never again!!

Saturday, 14 March 2009


My arm where I had my flu jab on Thursday is itching like crazy.

Thursday, 12 March 2009

Busy Busy

Had a very busy day today, but lots achieved so I am happy with that.

First got kids to school, then off to the GP for a flu jab (ouch, I don't remember it hurting that much last year!).  Also asked if there were any new treatments for a blocked sinus, I have suffered for years and nothing much seems to work. Any suggestions will be happily received.

After that off to physio, picked up neck x-rays on the way. All good news there - nothing in my neck to worry about so we can now work on stretching the nerve. Little by little though, a 5 sec gentle stretch leaves me feeling very fatigued. (Although the physio said it's not fatigue but the nerve complaining).

Next a quick grab of some sushi, no luxury of sitting and enjoying, just eating quickly and into Target to pick up a lovely pink scooter and a few bits for Miss C's birthday party, she turns 4 on Sunday.

Then to the hairdressers for me. It was a bit bizarre, I had a young boy/man wash and shampoo my hair - totally new experience for me.  I think my hair is ok, I haven't even had time to look in a mirror since.

A quick drive to pick the kids up from school and home to prepare dinner. Miss T was supposed to be at dancing from 3.30 to 5pm, but she was a bit whingey and tired so I made an executive decision and said she had to stay home, relax and watch TV. My kids don't hear that too often so she was very happy. I don't think a rest will hurt her. Her poor little body has absorbed so much since starting school 7 weeks ago, she is exhausted.

Monday, 9 March 2009

Taxi service

Finally back home after picking my children up from school and after school activities. Life is definitely much busier this year with another child at school. Hopefully next year with all 3 at school, it should free up some time in the day for me to get things done.

I am now going to cook dinner for the kids, thankfully Jon prepared ours yesterday so I don't have to think too hard about that.

Then training. Nothing too strenuous, still working through things with my new physio. She wanted me to get a neck x-ray this week, more to rule out any problems than to confirm them, but after the previous weeks session, I was very uncomfortable for about 5 days. She is almost certain it was a neurological response to the stretching so we had to ease off a bit. I see her again on Thursday and she will review the x-rays then and hopefully come up with a plan of action.

Other news, my mum is coming to visit next month. I can't wait. The kids are looking forward to it too. They have been very spoilt with visitors this year.