Thursday, 24 January 2008

Too soon?

Look, I know kids are growing up faster these days, but is it too soon for my 4 year old daughter's obsessions to move from Barbie to .................. Pink.

She adores her, plays her DVD whenever she can and her CD when she can't.

The other thing that concerns me somewhat is that I like Pink, and I don't remember me liking the same music as my parents - so, either I need to move on to Barry White or something (sorry if I offend anyone, just using an example) or I have to reintroduce her to the Wiggles. Actually, they are both equally disturbing (for me.) Perhaps I should get her a new Ipod for her Wiggles music - that again may be too soon.

Tuesday, 22 January 2008


Oh my word - is it really a week since I wrote.

Today these are my thoughts and ideas about lateness, they are meant as an initial help to me and probably won't make any sense to anyone else, but I sat down to write (with pen and paper so why not on this blog?)

Being late really stresses me, not so much people being late for appointments with me but more me being late, not only for appointments, but anything. When I was younger (read - single, I can't even say childless cos Jon is worse than the kids) I was always on time, if not early, and rarely stressed. Mostly, even now if I have only myself to consider, I am on time so really it is the kids that bring me down.

Jon will argue that it always me they are waiting for but he neglects to consider that I am the last one to get ready, first I get everyone else ready and then can I think about myself. (Mum comes last again!!)

The consequence today of being late meant that I made the physio appointment on time but on the way there I realised I had forgotten to pack my shirt to train at the gym (gym and physio in same building and kids in creche), choice, go home and be late for physio or miss training session. Both were very traumatic to me, especially as I have set goals for training so not only miss enjoyment of training but messes up plan. However, I think being late and missing part of appt would be worse. So no training. Now need to figure how to make my life on a day to day basis easier. Suggestions and ideas or what works for you would be great. Leaving my children at creche one day, where they would be cared for is not an option cos the staff know where I live!!


- get me ready first every morning

- get bag ready night before (tried and failed this many times) -but still an idea

- train kids military style

- glue kids shoes to feet

- instead of seeing 9.30am appt time, plan to arrive 15 mins earlier, usually we are leaving at the time we are supposed to be there.

- stop planning so much and just do (ok bye then - only joking)

- make lists (what more?) - I am a list person

- maybe give up 15-20 my time in morning before kids get up, even though I really like this. Maybe I should have it in evening when kids are in bed.

I think the most helpful will be get me ready first.

Enough for now - got bags to get ready for tomorrow.

Tuesday, 15 January 2008

Open Water

We watched Open Water on TV the other night. It was the most dull, yet, compulsive viewing movie. Usually if a movie bores me, I turn it off.

Life is too short to waste it watching dreadful movies. But it didn't bore me and it wasn't really dreadful. It was dull, but it didn't bore me. I had to watch it to the end, even though I knew what the end was, for some reason I had to keep watching. I can't explain why.

Briefly the movie is about a couple that take a scuba diving excursion and when they surface the boat has gone and they are left in "open water".

The movie shows their interaction and dialogue, it show their optimism, fear, anger, hope - all in a rather dull way but my favourite quote of the movie was "I wanted to go skiing."
Saw 4 on the other hand - not dull.

Sunday, 13 January 2008

Walk or run?

Jon is off canyoning today so I had to get some form of training in before he set off because there is no creche at my gym on Sundays.

I decided to go for a nice brisk Sunday morning walk. Now being a runner it is really difficult not to break into a run. My joints really needed a rest from running so I resisted and kept to a walk, until I realised that if I walked the route I wanted to I would probably be late back for Jon, and he would not be happy. Dilemma - shorter route or run ............. the run won. Just a little one.

I figured when I got back though that I probably only saved about 2 minutes.

There was a time I never thought I would ever run, let alone find an excuse to run.

Friday, 11 January 2008

Easi Yo

I just put in the fridge my jar of freshly made Easi Yo yoghurt. I don't know why but it is ages since I made any. I saw a stray packet in the cupboard and made it yesterday. I love Easi Yo, but the most frustrating part though is the waiting for it to be ready.

- 8 hours to set and then putting in the fridge to cool. I did try it warm once - no good!

Last year I did buy extra jars so I could have my next batch ready before I ran out.

Actually Easi Yo is probably about as domestic as I get.

Some of the health benefits - taken from

EASIYO is Nutrient-dense
EASIYO is full of Protein and Calcium
EASIYO Aids the Synthesis of Vitamins
EASIYO is A Low Calorie Food
EASIYO Supplies Essential Natural Fats
EASIYO Can Enhance Digestion
EASIYO Can Help People Who Are Lactose Intolerant
EASIYO Can Help After A Course of Antibiotics

Wednesday, 9 January 2008

What the parenting books didn't tell me

They didn't tell me about the explosive nosebleeds and the volume of cleaning that is required to clean up the mess. I was well prepared for the nappies, vomit, (though baby, not really child, that still really turns my stomach) and textas, but not the nosebleeds. (Hope you're not eating while reading this, if you are I apologise) but I am now off to clean the bathroom, at least it is tile and not carpet. I should be thankful.

ps - I really do love my children.