Friday, 11 January 2008

Easi Yo

I just put in the fridge my jar of freshly made Easi Yo yoghurt. I don't know why but it is ages since I made any. I saw a stray packet in the cupboard and made it yesterday. I love Easi Yo, but the most frustrating part though is the waiting for it to be ready.

- 8 hours to set and then putting in the fridge to cool. I did try it warm once - no good!

Last year I did buy extra jars so I could have my next batch ready before I ran out.

Actually Easi Yo is probably about as domestic as I get.

Some of the health benefits - taken from

EASIYO is Nutrient-dense
EASIYO is full of Protein and Calcium
EASIYO Aids the Synthesis of Vitamins
EASIYO is A Low Calorie Food
EASIYO Supplies Essential Natural Fats
EASIYO Can Enhance Digestion
EASIYO Can Help People Who Are Lactose Intolerant
EASIYO Can Help After A Course of Antibiotics


Kek said...

I LOVE Easi Yo! We have 3 large containers (two with spouts for drinking yoghurt), plus an assortment of the little ones for taking individual portions to work. Well worth the investment!

Their ice cream is fantastic too.....

Cherub said...

Oh no - I didn't know they did ice-cream but now I do and now I know it is yummy - we may have a problem!!!