Tuesday, 15 January 2008

Open Water

We watched Open Water on TV the other night. It was the most dull, yet, compulsive viewing movie. Usually if a movie bores me, I turn it off.

Life is too short to waste it watching dreadful movies. But it didn't bore me and it wasn't really dreadful. It was dull, but it didn't bore me. I had to watch it to the end, even though I knew what the end was, for some reason I had to keep watching. I can't explain why.

Briefly the movie is about a couple that take a scuba diving excursion and when they surface the boat has gone and they are left in "open water".

The movie shows their interaction and dialogue, it show their optimism, fear, anger, hope - all in a rather dull way but my favourite quote of the movie was "I wanted to go skiing."
Saw 4 on the other hand - not dull.

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Kristy said...

Hi Claire, I've watched open water as well when it first came out on dvd and not much happens, but it kept me interested. I had nightmares of scuba diving that night... and it has tuned me off scuba diving a little