Friday, 29 August 2008

Back to Friday again

Friday is my day without children, I usually spend it running (well driving) from one end of town to the other on errands. Today is no exception, I have been to the shops, I forgot Miss T's morning tea so had to hand over mine, then I needed to replace it. For me it was a sign that I should not replace with another apple but buy a chocolate bar. You will be pleased to know, I replaced with an apple - cheaper too!

Next a trip to the podiatrist to make sure my knee problem was not coming from my feet. He suggested I see an osteopath because my whole body seems to be out of balance. Appointment booked for 3 weeks, the guy is apparently so good that it takes that long to get to see him. Hope he is worth the wait.

Home for a spot of lunch and then off to the dentist. I never used to mind the dentist but as I got older my teeth have become more and more sensitive to the point that it hurts to have them cleaned. But not as much as treatment so off I go.

What else, Jon is in Melbourne for a few days, so it's just the kids and me.

Oh I get my eyes lasered on Friday 12th of September. Starting to get a bit nervous. I don't have really bad eyesight and I am starting to think about what I am risking. However, I do need glasses or contacts so to not need them again will be huge.

All will be good I am sure. Happy thoughts, happy thoughts.

Tuesday, 26 August 2008


Things are improving. My sadness is lifting and I am happy again. Computer problems are improving, Jon has been working really hard on fixing them.

We had a lovely family weekend away in Jervis Bay. It was very very cold, so cold I can't describe, but we enjoyed our time together as a family. I was able to catch up with a friend I've not seen for about a year.

All in all things are good and I am happy.

Saturday, 16 August 2008

Computer problems

My computer is not working, it has been attacked by trojans and is impossible to work with. Jon has spent many hours trying to remove them and get the computer working again and I have a feeling he will be spending many more.

Don't know what to say

I have tried to write something about this week but nothing sounded right. I am glad this week is over but know that the future for the family is going to be very difficult.

Thank you for your comments.

Thursday, 14 August 2008

Sad times

Had a very tough week this week, a friend passed away on Monday, he leaves behind 4 young children. The funeral is today.

Sunday, 10 August 2008


Today, I went to work and then came home to an empty house. Jon had taken our son (and girls) to a band festival. Jon was not looking forward to it for several reasons, the main being, these festivals involve a lot of waiting around, our girls don't respond well to this (neither does Jon) and today was the Sydney City to Surf and heading to the City for a festival on this day was not an example of great planning. However, it meant that I got a couple of hours to myself.

I spent the time meditating, relaxing and listening to my music, nobody elses, not fighting, crying, whining, begging for food (because I obviously starve my children). I got to be me for a while.

Then they came home, so I made lunch, washed up, made cheesy zucchini muffins and pumpkin and broccoli soup.

I am now going to have a cup of tea and read my book for a few minutes before I start dinner.

Hope you all enjoyed your Sunday.

By the way, did you see the results for the City to Surf - impressive.

Better than ever....

....well almost, after my sickness this week, I have recovered and am feeling better than I have in a long time. I am able to get out of bed in the mornings, no more snoozing the alarm, in fact I am awake and up before the alarm again. I think this must have been brewing for a few weeks.

My dad and his wife have booked their flights, they arrive on 3 January, we are so excited. Jon's mum will be here at the same time, their dates overlap a bit, but that will be ok.

My mam has a new job and starts on Thursday, she is so much happier, she sounds stronger and is even pursuing constructive dismissal. This won't be an easy path for her, but just the fact that she is strong enough to pursue it, makes me less worried about her.

We have also had cable broadband installed this weekend, I have high hopes.

Friday, 8 August 2008


Ok call me slow, but I just recently found and am loving it. Especially as I miss home well, not really but I do have some fond memories of the place and my childhood and youth, so when I found flickr and found some pictures that brought back memories.

This is our local park,

and here is the church next door to my primary school

these are the flats I lived in for the first few years of my life

Photos from billnbenj

Thursday, 7 August 2008

Oh my ....

I was so sick yesterday. The sluggishness turned into something very nasty, I hardly got out of bed all day, I slept on and off and still slept all last night.

My family are wonderful. Jon worked from home and managed to take the girls to swimming and dancing and then keep them away from me apart from when they sneaked into my room to give me a silent cuddle and then disappeared again.

I got breakfast in bed from my son this morning which was lovely.

I have cancelled the gym though, even though I am feeling heaps better today, I think a quiet day is in order. I can always sneak off tonight if I really need to.

Wednesday, 6 August 2008

Fast computers

We bought our first born a new computer for his birthday. It is better, bigger and faster than ours. I am looking for a positive in that.

Ahh yes, he no longer hogs mine.

Tuesday, 5 August 2008


I can't shake the sluggishness. We had a tough week last week but working through that, I am eating well (no honestly), sleeping well, but my head just feels so foggy. Maybe I have a bit of what the kids had, I am hoping a I can run it off at the gym this morning.

We had my son's 9th birthday party at a Lazer Tag place on Sunday he had a great time. My daughter also loved it and is asking when she can go back.

My son did get sick but not in the way the girls did. His dad took him to watch the Warriors on Saturday night and fed him fizzy, chips, hot chocolate and then he threw up. He has always struggled with nasty food and excitement. Most Christmas Eve's since he knew what was coming he got sick. Last year was the first time he didn't, he saved it for his birthday.

Got a physio appointment today, I am sure the good news will continue there. Later in the week I have my initial consultation for laser eye surgery.

Saturday, 2 August 2008

Stressful week but ....

This week has been pretty stressful but as I am trying to focus on the positives, I am not going to post about it, except to say as one child got better the next got sick, but at least I only have one sick at a time. - Is that a positive?

Every day gaining a better understanding of how my mind works and am working through how to change things, bit by bit.

Jon had his birthday on Thursday, (yet again surrounded by sick children, but no hospitalisations this year - another positive).

Our son is 9 on Monday and we are having a party for him on Sunday, the girls should be all well by then. Please think happy thoughts for us that he doesn't get sick.

My dad has managed to get the whole of January off work so is looking to visit us. I haven't seen him in 7 years. I am very excited about it. He will meet my daughters for the first time.