Tuesday, 5 August 2008


I can't shake the sluggishness. We had a tough week last week but working through that, I am eating well (no honestly), sleeping well, but my head just feels so foggy. Maybe I have a bit of what the kids had, I am hoping a I can run it off at the gym this morning.

We had my son's 9th birthday party at a Lazer Tag place on Sunday he had a great time. My daughter also loved it and is asking when she can go back.

My son did get sick but not in the way the girls did. His dad took him to watch the Warriors on Saturday night and fed him fizzy, chips, hot chocolate and then he threw up. He has always struggled with nasty food and excitement. Most Christmas Eve's since he knew what was coming he got sick. Last year was the first time he didn't, he saved it for his birthday.

Got a physio appointment today, I am sure the good news will continue there. Later in the week I have my initial consultation for laser eye surgery.

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