Wednesday, 28 November 2007

Where has my baby gone?

This weekend my 2 1/2 year old grew up really quickly. She is my last baby so now I have none. I must say over the last couple of months it is lucky I can have no more children because on many an occasion I got very broody. It didn't last long, just frequently. Anyway, she had 2 acheivements. Firstly she decided she did not want to wear nappies anymore, not only that but she is very good at going to the toilet. Very few accidents to date. Secondly she surprised me by swimming 50 metres (doggy paddle) with no floaties. Before this she only did about 10 - 20 seconds. So - where has my baby gone?

Tuesday, 20 November 2007

Peanut butter on toast - or not

My son had peanut butter on toast this morning, he makes it himself. Miss T my 4 year old also decided to make her own peanut butter on toast. This is not unusual, she is very independent and makes it herself.

She was very happily spreading the peanut butter on, just checking in now and again that she hadn't put too much on. I noticed that she hadn't toasted it. Not wanting to bring on a very dramatic tantrum, I kept quiet and hoped she wouldn't notice herself.

A few minutes later she came outside with the peanut butter on bread and said, "Silly me, I forgot to put it in the toaster. I will just have to have a sandwich." - No tantrum. All is still well at 8.10am in this household.

Thursday, 15 November 2007

Flash back to NZ

I was driving home from dropping my daughters at their various pre-schools and kindes when I had the urge to drive like I did in NZ.

We lived in NZ for 3 years so I guess some habits/rules will stick, but it is 3 years since we lived there.

In NZ when you are turning left, you have to give way to any cars turning right into the same junction. This morning I almost did that, and it has happened before. There are 2 problems with doing that here, first is that the car behind me has no idea why I am waiting to turn left and almost drives into me and the second is that the person turning right looks at me like I am very weird as they have no clue why I am waving at them, (unless of course they are Kiwi) and that just confuses the situation more.

Flash back to NZ

Tuesday, 13 November 2007

What's been going on?

What's been going on?

Pergola is finished - it is so nice

We had dinner outside last night

Watched Die Hard 4 on the weekend - quite good for that kind of movie, and I stayed awake and as a result drank too much wine

Watched a really good (made for TV) movie The Man who Lost his Head - Fell asleep need to watch the end of it

Been for an early walk two mornings on the run - trying to regulate my "get up" times - the 4.30am then 7am starts are messing with my body and my mind

Kids good

Jon good

Found a business to deliver fresh veggies to the door - less trips to the supermarket Kerryn

Shoulder bit dodgy

Hip bit dodgy

Workouts good within limits

Food could improve but not stressing

Saturday, 10 November 2007

Pergola and Christmas

Well our pergola was supposed to be finished this week but due to the rain, that didn't happen, actually, if the company hadn't messed up and painted it on the wrong side, it would have been finished sooner. They did quite good a putting it right and there was never a suggestion that it was our error, it's just that the rain held it up further.

Christmas is looming rather quickly in our house. It also has something to do with most of our family being overseas and the postal system being so bad. You would think we live on the other side of the world or something. Ha... I thought the world was a smaller place these days but not it appears when it comes to sending gifts to loved ones overseas. The post office said that the gifts needed to be sent by beginning of September (by surface and airmail is so expensive, more expensive than the gift) to get there by Christmas. Now if you know children they will change their minds countless times before Christmas Day, so doubtless my nieces and nephews will have a present that is "sooo last season". What can I say but - TOUGH!

Oh I need to buy little thingies to put in my kids advent calender. Unfortunately they can't be any bigger than a small choccie. Any suggestions that are not overloaded with sugar?

Friday, 2 November 2007

Sick car

My car is in the garage again. It is going to be a very expensive experience. Cars and children are such a drain on the finances, but I couldn't be without either. Actually if I didn't have children I probably could manage without a car - too late now.

I have just called the gym and cancelled my daughters creche place and decided to spend a day at home with her. She seems really tired and in need of a home and mum day. I feel a little bad about missing my Pilates class but if she has a sleep today I will put a Pilates DVD on.

Tonight Jon and I are out for dinner without children. A well deserved and well needed time out together. Life is getting busy at the moment and is taking a little adjusting to.