Saturday, 10 November 2007

Pergola and Christmas

Well our pergola was supposed to be finished this week but due to the rain, that didn't happen, actually, if the company hadn't messed up and painted it on the wrong side, it would have been finished sooner. They did quite good a putting it right and there was never a suggestion that it was our error, it's just that the rain held it up further.

Christmas is looming rather quickly in our house. It also has something to do with most of our family being overseas and the postal system being so bad. You would think we live on the other side of the world or something. Ha... I thought the world was a smaller place these days but not it appears when it comes to sending gifts to loved ones overseas. The post office said that the gifts needed to be sent by beginning of September (by surface and airmail is so expensive, more expensive than the gift) to get there by Christmas. Now if you know children they will change their minds countless times before Christmas Day, so doubtless my nieces and nephews will have a present that is "sooo last season". What can I say but - TOUGH!

Oh I need to buy little thingies to put in my kids advent calender. Unfortunately they can't be any bigger than a small choccie. Any suggestions that are not overloaded with sugar?

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Kek said...

Small jewellery items, single fancy stickers, coins, glittery things to go on the end of pens, those book thongs (posh jewelled book marks)that A & R sell?

Check out $2 shops, some of the really big ones have some great little knick-knacks.