Tuesday, 13 November 2007

What's been going on?

What's been going on?

Pergola is finished - it is so nice

We had dinner outside last night

Watched Die Hard 4 on the weekend - quite good for that kind of movie, and I stayed awake and as a result drank too much wine

Watched a really good (made for TV) movie The Man who Lost his Head - Fell asleep need to watch the end of it

Been for an early walk two mornings on the run - trying to regulate my "get up" times - the 4.30am then 7am starts are messing with my body and my mind

Kids good

Jon good

Found a business to deliver fresh veggies to the door - less trips to the supermarket Kerryn

Shoulder bit dodgy

Hip bit dodgy

Workouts good within limits

Food could improve but not stressing


Debstar said...

I saw Die Hard 4 in the plane on the way to Italy. I really wished I'd gone and seen it on the big screen as there was some good special effects.

Shame about the shoulder & hip.
My hip has been playing up too I hope it's not contagious.

Kek said...

Enjoy your new outdoor living area - it was our favourite part of our old place and will be the feature of the new house (if it ever gets built!).

Yeah, we used to get our fruit & veg delivered, but it got expensive, and now Bike Boy does those honours anyway... I just have to be better organised and start going shopping at 7:00am again. :)