Thursday, 15 November 2007

Flash back to NZ

I was driving home from dropping my daughters at their various pre-schools and kindes when I had the urge to drive like I did in NZ.

We lived in NZ for 3 years so I guess some habits/rules will stick, but it is 3 years since we lived there.

In NZ when you are turning left, you have to give way to any cars turning right into the same junction. This morning I almost did that, and it has happened before. There are 2 problems with doing that here, first is that the car behind me has no idea why I am waiting to turn left and almost drives into me and the second is that the person turning right looks at me like I am very weird as they have no clue why I am waving at them, (unless of course they are Kiwi) and that just confuses the situation more.


Debstar said...

That's not as bad as driving in Europe and forgetting that everyone drives on the right side of the road. We went around a round-about in the wrong direction and all the other drivers watched us stunned.

Kek said...

In Victoria we always had the left-turn-gives-way rule (cuz of the trams, ya know) but that got changed some years back so as not to confuse everyone when crossing state borders. Every now and then I find myself slipping back into old habits though. Freaky.