Saturday, 2 August 2008

Stressful week but ....

This week has been pretty stressful but as I am trying to focus on the positives, I am not going to post about it, except to say as one child got better the next got sick, but at least I only have one sick at a time. - Is that a positive?

Every day gaining a better understanding of how my mind works and am working through how to change things, bit by bit.

Jon had his birthday on Thursday, (yet again surrounded by sick children, but no hospitalisations this year - another positive).

Our son is 9 on Monday and we are having a party for him on Sunday, the girls should be all well by then. Please think happy thoughts for us that he doesn't get sick.

My dad has managed to get the whole of January off work so is looking to visit us. I haven't seen him in 7 years. I am very excited about it. He will meet my daughters for the first time.

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