Thursday, 24 January 2008

Too soon?

Look, I know kids are growing up faster these days, but is it too soon for my 4 year old daughter's obsessions to move from Barbie to .................. Pink.

She adores her, plays her DVD whenever she can and her CD when she can't.

The other thing that concerns me somewhat is that I like Pink, and I don't remember me liking the same music as my parents - so, either I need to move on to Barry White or something (sorry if I offend anyone, just using an example) or I have to reintroduce her to the Wiggles. Actually, they are both equally disturbing (for me.) Perhaps I should get her a new Ipod for her Wiggles music - that again may be too soon.

1 comment:

Debstar said...

When my daughter was 4 she had a thing for Cher. Extremely disturbing seeing as how I don't like Cher. At least with Pink your girl is showing some taste.

I can guarantee you that by the time she turns 15 you'll hate whatever she is listening to and visa versa.