Tuesday, 5 February 2008

Yesterday I loved my physio.........

........... today he is not my favourite person. Yesterday I was singing his praises and recommending him to friends. Why? My shoulder is so much better than it has been in years. I had managed to (two weeks ago) extend my visits to every two weeks and today was proud to tell him that I was feeling good. my right shoulder actually feels stronger than my left again. I am delighted to be experiencing doms again. Then I casually mentioned that maybe I am feeling so good in the shoulder department because the pains in my left shin and right knee are causing a distraction. (Word of advice - don't tell you physio anything)

I don't like him anymore, he hurt me, both my knee and my shin - he said it was all for the better good but I'm not sure I believe him. I now have to ice my shin 4 times a day and my knee only once a day. And... I have to go back to weekly appointments - I hope my health fund can manage this.

Despite this I feel good, generally. I can still train, am still adding exercises to my upper body, and even if I can't run this week, well there is always next week or the week after and I can still cycle, cross train etc. Just no high impact.

I am in control of my eating again, rather than it controlling me. Actually I have been for a while, it's just unfortunately it takes my mind longer to realise that my food is ok. It needs to let that couple of days go. And it was only a couple of days, not like 20 years or anything. So... move on.

The kids are back at school, and pre-school - always makes for a happy mum.

We have friends coming to visit in March and we are so looking forward to that.

My dad even said he may come over this year. I have not seen him (except for webcam) for 6 and a half years. Even just knowing that he was thinking of it made my week.

What else? We went to Opera in the Domain on Saturday. We had a break in the rain and we all went. Have to admit, it was a bit difficult with the kids, although my stash of glo sticks helped amuse them for a while and the pancakes and waffle stalls for the rest of the time. The bananas that I took didn't go down as well.

Neighbours woke us up in the early hours, they are so noisy and it is getting to be a bit too regular now. Maybe, I should wake them up when I head off to my first early morning client. I even thought of closing the gate at the bottom of their drive every night. It wouldn't hurt them but I figure they are too lazy to get out of the car to open it. I'm sure it is what they need with a hangover. Am I being childish, should I just yell at them to shut up next time?

We have new fighting fish and at the moment they are looking much healthier than the last ones we had, that went to fishy heaven.

I think that might be enough for now. Hope you are all happy and enjoying your life and training. Stay on track for your 2008 goals the best you can.

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Debstar said...

Don't yell at your neighbours,that will just get them angry at you and yell back. Do make a racket in the morning. Beep the horn when you leave a couple of times, that should make you feel good.

Then again you could just talk to them nicely and point out that you work very early and would be oh so grateful if they could keep the noise level down.

ms_attitude said...

Claire, have you ever thought of acupuncture? I had the worst time with my shoulder thanks to my horse leaping backwards (600kg) and almost ripping my arm out of my socket whilst I was leading him. I had so much physio, then in the end the physio thought I would have to resort to the awful needle..instead I opted to at least give acupuncture a try. And it worked.

With the noisy neighbours...who knows... it could go either way if you say something to them, but at least you can try that first, then... when all else fails, just make noise in the morning

Kek said...

We have the same problem with noisy neighbours. Young...group of them, sharing a rented house...apparently smokers, so much time spent in the backyard, right next to our bedrooms...no concept that other people might actually get up on the weekends before lunchtime. *sigh*