Friday, 29 February 2008

I love my girls so much....... I love them everyday but every so often I am reminded just how much. I love my son too (just in case he reads this one day) but today is about my girls.

My eldest daughter was sick so had a day with me instead of going to preschool. My youngest still went to her preschool.

I have never had very much one on one time with my eldest daughter (middle child) because my third child came along very quickly (17 months) so it has always been the two of them together. I get one day a week with my youngest because her sister is in preschool 2 days a week.

So, whilst she was sick, she was ok to be out and about, I just had to make sure she didn't run and skip and jump and trigger a coughing fit and her asthma.

We went shoe shopping, she got 2 pairs, I got none, we had a trip to the post office - not very exciting but she chattered happily all day. We did some drawing, some writing and then we had a trip to the library. We still had time to spare before preschool pick up so we called in to the cafe, me for an earl grey and her for a pink icing cup cake and a chocolate milk shake. That came with 2 special freckles for a special girl. She was so happy and I realised how much I had missed this time with her. Should I point out that she felt very sick after all that lot and I don't blame her the milk shake was very sweet.

We picked up youngest child and I hadmissed herso much, I'm not used to having one without the other, but I should really try and do it more often, even if just for an hour.


Debstar said...

I always found that if I gave my middle child lots more one on one time she would behave so much better afterwards. And I did make a big thing out of having a special time with her even if it was just reading a book. I would take the phone off the hook and tell her not even the phone was important as her.

I know this takes lots of effort but one day you will be pleased you did it.

Cherub said...

I am so good at making sure they get one on one time with their dad, just not with me. I will try harder....