Friday, 15 February 2008

Dreams and freaky stuff

I tried to catch an afternoon nap. My eldest daugter was sleeping, surprisingly my youngest wasn't. I was so exhausted so I invited her into my bed to at least lay beside me so I knew where she was and I could rest.

I drifted in and out of sleep, cos the wriggly one beside me could not keep still. As I was in one of those mini sleeps, I dreamt that my husband had come home from work early, he had picked up our son early also, had just come in the door and was downstairs. I could hear them talking, I could hear the rattle of the car keys - all in my dream. Then my awake daughter sat upright, woke me up and said, Daddy and ... are home.

How did she know what I was dreaming? Was it a dream? - They certainly weren't home. Did she really say it or did I dream that also? - I asked her later if she remembered saying it? She said yes, and in fact even corrected me because I got her exact wording wrong.

What just happened here?

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