Tuesday, 19 February 2008


I have just tried to book my refresher CPR course. When I took the original course, I was advised that one of the reasons to train with this particular company was that they contacted us prior to the certificate expiring so that we could keep upto date and only undertake the refresher course.

Well they didn't and it is only because I checked myself that I realised I had until 4 March to do it.

I talked to a nice lady yesterday who said she would be able to get me on a Sunday morning course prior to that date (great, no childcare issues). That nice lady was today replaced by a rude lady who did not help much, she first said I could not go on this course because it was not public.

I pushed she finally agreed to charge me, then call the business to see if I could attend. If all is ok I will receive a receipt in the post. Wow, what service.

I knew I should have left it there but something made me ask, "Do you not inform people anymore that there certificate is due to expire?" She said yes they did but not until 5 weeks before the expiration date. I'm puzzled, when is 5 weeks before 4 March? I explained that I had not heard anything. She said yes because we don't until 5 weeks before.- ??? And anyway it is a complimentary service. - So??? I call it marketing and is actually a way to get repeat business, but maybe that is just me.

I have no choice but to go with them this time as they had the only convenient date at such short notice. I have made a diary note and lesson to self - trust no-one. Only joking, trust very few people!!

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