Monday, 9 March 2009

Taxi service

Finally back home after picking my children up from school and after school activities. Life is definitely much busier this year with another child at school. Hopefully next year with all 3 at school, it should free up some time in the day for me to get things done.

I am now going to cook dinner for the kids, thankfully Jon prepared ours yesterday so I don't have to think too hard about that.

Then training. Nothing too strenuous, still working through things with my new physio. She wanted me to get a neck x-ray this week, more to rule out any problems than to confirm them, but after the previous weeks session, I was very uncomfortable for about 5 days. She is almost certain it was a neurological response to the stretching so we had to ease off a bit. I see her again on Thursday and she will review the x-rays then and hopefully come up with a plan of action.

Other news, my mum is coming to visit next month. I can't wait. The kids are looking forward to it too. They have been very spoilt with visitors this year.

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