Monday, 16 March 2009

Birthday parties

The weekends over and we are in to a new week. My early Monday client training session went well, the kids have been dropped at school, together with a Euphonium and a doll, because it is 'd' week in the Kindergarten class.

I am getting ready to take my youngest who is now 4 to playgroup.

We had her party at home yesterday, she enjoyed it but I am not sure we did, in fact I know we didn't. It was so stressful and I missed most of it cue to preparing food and organising.

It was hard because some of the kids, well their mum's brought siblings, which I understand however it did mess up the numbers for the games. I had planned 12 layers for pass the parcel but now I had more children and unfortunately, it was the birthday girl that missed out. 

I feel really selfish and know it is not about me or my enjoyment but.........never again. Please remind me if I consider this again. The cleaning before, the cleaning after, the tears, the fights (and that's just me and Jon - only joking).  Seriously now - never again!!

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Kek said...

That's just rude, Claire - if a child is invited to a party, that doesn't mean the whole damn family is invited...

I get really riled about lack of manners around party invites. Half of the parents don't bother to RSVP and then how on earth do you know how musg food you need?

Glad my kids are past the birthday party stage. Oh - and I learned early NEVER to do the party-at-home thing. Too, too stressful by far.