Saturday, 28 March 2009

Warning - disordered mind spill

Very recent journal extract:

0.4kg gain this week. I honestly do think I am doing everything right, training and eating, however, I am tempted to log food, but not count calories, but from an eating disorder point of view, I need to not make food my focus, I just need to eat healthy meals and not snack. I have to remember that while I want to lose weight, my number 1 priority right now is not to binge or overeat. My number 2 priority is to exercise regularly, so I guess weight loss is only 3rd, I need to remember this. That said, based on the science, to gain half a kg I needed to have consumed 3500 cals more than I needed. Given that I am burning c2000 cals a week more than in recent months, I must have consumed 5500 more cals than I needed - 785 extra a day. That is impossible. So what does this mean? - It's nearly lunch time, I am hungry, I walked to the kitchen and realised, I don't know what to eat and that I am quite scared to eat in case I gain more weight. I'm crying now, I don't know what to do. I feel really silly this shouldn't be a big deal.


LizN said...

Hey Claire,

Sorry to hear that you're going through some food doldrums. There are many reasons for scale spike that don't involve fat gain.

Best way of dealing with it is to become educated and enlightened about the whole process.

Liz N

KatieP said...

Don't let the scales get you down. 400g is nothing, and is water rather than fat if you have been eating well.
Glad to see you chose a chicken sandwich rather than a binge. Good work xxx