Monday, 30 March 2009

la la la

Jon is away for a couple of nights and there has been a spate of aggravated break and enters in our area in the last couple of weeks. I have been awake heaps through the night while Jon has been here, I am not too sure how I will go tonight.

I think it would be easier if it was just me, but I have my 3 little kids to worry about.

Enough of that - la la la happy thoughts.

I love my new heart rate monitor that Jon bought me for my birthday, it tells me all kinds of stuff and unfortunately I am a numbers geek so I love it.

19 sleeps until my mam gets here. I can't wait - we are all so excited, well maybe not Jon but his mum has visited twice in the last 12 months - it's my turn!

1 comment:

SeLiNa said...

Hey, hope you slept OK?

heehee i love my HRM too, when I remember to wear it ;)