Friday, 2 May 2008

It doesn't feel right

My dad is remarrying next week and I truly wish my dad and his new wife all the best.

However, I have just wrote out their wedding card. All is good. Then it came to addressing the envelope and that is where it just feels weird.

Firstly, as is the done thing, I addressed it to Mr and Mrs X (well not really but I can't put in their real name) anyhow, this is my "mam and dad" (or it was) and it doesn't feel right, my mam still uses her married name and probably always will unless she remarries herself.

Secondly, the address, my dad bought out my mam's share of the house when they divorced, so I now am addressing to Mr and Mrs x at my mam and dad's old house (are you following?) feels even more not right.

I hold no grudges or fault or blame at my dad's new wife, they met after my parents divorce and this has nothing to do with her, but - she now has my mam's name and my mam's address. It just isn't right.

But I guess I will have to get over it and go and post the card on my way back from the chiro.


Kristy said...

It must feel very strange. I know it was very strange when my Mum and Dad both remairred...It is very normal thing to be feeling.

Michelle said...

It would feel strange.

Debstar said...

I still can't bring myself to call my mother in law Mum so I can understand how you feel.

Just think how proud your new step-mum will be feeling to take on your family name. I'm sure she will be delighted to see her new name on that envelope.