Saturday, 17 May 2008

Law of Distraction

A symptom of having 3 young children (from memory even just one young child) is that you very rarely, if ever, get to have a complete conversation or finish a job completely without being interrupted or side-tracked.

I am missing my son, I just want to call him and see how he is doing, to share in his excitement. I don't want to have to wait until tomorrow when I collect him because I will have to compete for his attention with his dad and his sisters (even though I know his computer will win).

Sometimes I feel like a fraud as a parent and wife because I hardly ever give my complete attention to my children or husband. Even if I appear to be, I am still thinking, is it time to prepare dinner yet? What clothes need to be ironed for tomorrow?

I am the queen of lists, I forget so much if I don't write it down (because I am always distracted) not for ever but usually until it is late enough for everything to be a last minute panic.

Today I have done 2 loads of washing and brought them in and folded them, caught up on some blogs, read the news, made pumpkin soup, zucchini muffins, chopped and prepared veg for dinner, made a salad, made I don't know how many snacks for my ever hungry children, washed up so many times I have forgot, tidied up my fridge amongst other things and now I have a spare few minutes and I just want to talk to my son.

OK time is up, time to make dinner for the girls.

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Kek said...

Claire, I WAS going to make a comment, but having been a mother for 20 years, my concentration span is completely shot and I forget what I was going to say...

Alcohol. It's your only defence. Pass me the Scotch. No, no - I don't need a glass.