Monday, 12 May 2008

Mothers Day Classic

My son and I did the Mothers Day Classic 4km run yesterday, we did intend to run/walk, however we managed to run most of the way. The first km over the damp grass was the hardest.

I am so proud of him. We got to the 2km in about 15 minutes and at that point he decided that he wanted to finish in under 30 minutes - and he did - 29 minutes and 51 seconds. I am so very proud of him. From a little boy that didn't think he could run to running 4km in less than 30 minutes. He is already excited about next years run.

At the time we were running, my dad was celebrating his wedding in England. My family from Canada were supposed to be there, however my Auntie is battling breast cancer at the moment and was too sick to go. It made the morning very emotional, but at least I was there doing my best.

My son asked why I wasn't wearing a tribute. Because I was running for every man, woman and child who has been or may in the future, be affected by breast cancer.


Kristy said...

That is great and you are setting a great role model for your son. I am trying to get my family involved in it with me next year. It was great to see so many parents with young children running the 4 km's.

Great time with your son as well...

Sorry to hear about your Auntie and I hope she gets through it ok...

Kek said...

It always is an emotional event, Claire. I have to make a big effort not to think too much - you can't run and cry at the same time.

Congratulations to your boy - that's a fantastic effort. He has every right to be proud!