Saturday, 31 January 2009

A month full of laughs and a little sadness

ok ok... so much has been going on, I have so much to tell. I will start with the end though, I took my dad and June back to the airport yesterday. I was very brave, I went on my own, Jon offered to come with me but to be honest, if he had come I think I would have totally crumbled. Having to compose myself to drive back to the hills to pick my kids up from school helped.

Having said that, my goodbye was very quick, I just couldn't handle it, I said goodbye and walked away. When I saw my dad, who never cries, flush red, I knew it was time to go - tears are flowing now - I just hope it is not 7 years til I see him again. He hasn't changed a bit. He is still a complete idiot who makes me laugh all the time. It will be very quiet around here without him.

June was lovely (luvleeeigh - will explain later) as well and I shouldn't leave her out - but it really is all about my dad right now.

Things of note to follow

- airport pick up and wheelchair incident
- Coffs Harbour
- drunken nights
- jamberoo
- dancing in the rain
- the blender incident
- the night time toilet incident
- the ferry incident
- dropping the child on his head incident
- Miss T starting school
- regression or recession
- card tricks

I am sure there are many more.

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