Tuesday, 3 June 2008


I just read this post on diet blog.

I am totally gobsmacked, I very very rarely eat/drink this type of thing, but might occasionally treat myself to something like it (or more likely have a bit of my kids) but I could never have imagined the calorie content. Even though it would be my choice to consume this, I would feel really cheated if I found out later the nutritional content (if it can be called that)

It has 166% of the % Daily Value of fat and that is based on a 2000 kcal a day diet. How can that be.

There is more but I can't speak right now.

Edit: I probably should point out (now that I have calmed down a little) that when I say I have this or my kids do, it would be a milkshake or a fruit smoothie, and I am praying right now that they are no where near as bad as this shake. - But I should probably check.

Any item with grossly excessive fat, sugar and calories should come with warning, like the annoying windows boxes - are you sure you want to consume this ridiculous amount of junk?


Selina said...

That is disgusting!!!!!!!!!!! Makes me wonder what's in the normal Macdonalds thick shakes and the like.
If I ever have kids they're NOT eating that *i-cant-even-think-of-a-word-to-describe-it*!!!

Kek said...

Good God...that's an entire day's calories, and then some. Gobsmacked doesn't even BEGIN to describe it.

And because it's in a liquid form, you can bet it's super-easy to polish off.