Saturday, 28 June 2008

How to explain to children

I am struggling to explain the concept of tomorrow to my youngest daughter. She thinks that tomorrow is another day of the week.

We had just argued that yesterday was yesterday, she said that yesterday was tomorrow because on (my words) Thursday, Friday is tomorrow, today it is yesterday.

Another difficulty is my son's school report. It was fantastic and we are very proud of him. One comment from is teacher was

"... always participates well during writing sessions, he is however yest to see a clear difference between spoken and written language. This means at times his writing can sound very colloquial."

I said that it is because he writes as he speaks and that that is not always proper English. He said but I speak very good English - and he is right.

I am struggling to explain without examples of his work so I told him to ask his teacher to explain. It was her comment after all.

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