Saturday, 28 June 2008

Psychic party

Tomorrow I am having a psychic party at my house. I have several friends coming over for a reading with a psychic. This lady is supposed to be very good and one of the few found to be authentic.

I have never had a reading before and am also slightly nervous having it at my house but I am sure it will all be good fun.

Actually a slightly spooky event was when I was telling some friends about it, I got a text message from the church confirming my son in holiday club. Spooked me for a while but I got over it.


Leigh Russell said...

Noticed you like crime fiction - which happens to be the name of my blog as I write crime fiction. There the similarity ends as I'm the least fit person you could meet (sigh). I loved the story of your child who thinks 'tomorrow' is a day of the week. It is, really...

Kristy said...

The psychic party sounds like a lot of fun and it should be really interesting. I would like to have a reading for a bit of fun. Have a great time :)