Friday, 13 June 2008

Checking in

I know I've not updated in a while and thought I really should. I have been around, I have just been reading heaps. I am exploring new blogs and new sites that I have found, also been reading a book, that I can't put down.

I will try and keep it brief.

Our interview was on A Current Affair a couple of weeks ago - Tuesday 27 May. It was very short but the kids loved seeing themselves on TV. What was quite amusing was that I went to Coles the following morning complaining that the yoghurt I had bought the day before was already out of date. I felt like a proper whinger, but I just hate it when that happens. Actually, I don't know how it did because I spent ages checking the use by dates and then discussing with 3 children which brand and flavours they wanted and then checking the dates again, but somehow I messed up. Coles did refund me with no argument though.

My dad and June got married last month. I am very pleased that my dad is happy again, however when I saw the DVD of the wedding, all I could see/feel was the pain that my mam is still feeling. Their marriage was over a long time ago and she is now settled in her own home but she still feels embarrassed or ashamed that she is divorced. It is really hard being away from her, but even if I was there, I couldn't live her life for her. She needs to find the strength to do that herself.

I had a very nice long weekend with my family. Due to the rain here, all sports were cancelled for the whole weekend so we spent some nice time together. That is a luxury these days.

Jon surprised me with tickets to see the Rocky Horror Picture Show in Star City. I loved it. It was also scary to realise the the last time I saw the show live was in 1993 or 1994 in Manchester. Have watched the DVD many times since though.


SeLiNa said...

I missed your 10mins of fame!

Kristy said...

I was wondering what happened with your 15 mins of fame :D

That would be great for the kids to see themselves on tv.

Cherub said...

They actually owe me about 14 minutes and 30 seconds of my fame. I will cash it in later. ha ha

If I can I will try and link it into the blog or my website. May, I mean definitely will need my husbands help for that.

Enjoy your Saturday.

Ronnie said...

Claire, how good is Rocky Horror? We saw it 2 weeks ago. I would definatley go again. How buff were the bodies both male and female. I get goosey just thinking about it. Hubby says it was worth the entire $3000 we spent just to see the show.

I also missed your 3 minutes of fame. :-(