Wednesday, 16 April 2008

School sports

I tried not to become a mother that got involved in school politics. I thought that my children would go to the local public school and high school. Granted we moved into an area that was renowned for good public schools, but beyond that we didn't think too much about it.

My son is in year 3 now and I am finding myself frustrated with the education system. I also find it difficult because coming from England, I have not experienced first hand the system here.

The thing that got my goat most recently is the sport, physical education, exercise situation.

At the beginning of the first term, we were offered the option of paying an additional fee for my son to play tennis at an outside organisation during his sport lesson. We chose for him to play a variety of sports and therefore stay in school for his lesson.

At the end of last term he tried out for the junior soccer team. For many reasons, including that the team included kids from years 3,4 & 5, he did not get in this year. What I didn't realise until later was that 50 children tried out for 11 places plus 2 substitutes. It really upsets me that there is only one team, I think it is extremely sad that 37 children that were keen to play a sport are missing out, especially with the childhood obesity rates as they are. What is even more sad is that I am sure our school is not the only school with keen children unable to play.

I tried to encourage my son and say that at least he had his sport lessons and that he could have fun there and learn a range of sports. His reply, it is so boring mam. We can't even throw the ball. When we play cricket we have to roll the ball along the floor. What else do you do I enquired? Not much it is all boring.

Next term I will do my best to get him in the tennis coaching lessons.

I admit I haven't pursued my disappointments with the school or the education system, but still feel the school should have a duty to get our kids moving.


Debstar said...

Unfortunately it comes down to teachers afraid that they will be sued if a child gets hurt playing a sport.
Up here a number of schools will not allow the kids to play on the school grounds before school starts. They have to sit in one contained area until the bell rings.
The whole insurance/litany thing has everyone running scared. Meanwhile our kids miss out on even throwing a ball. It's madness.

Kek said...

It's more about lack of funds and resources to run more than one team. My kids' primary school was the biggest in the state (over 1050 kids) and they only had 2 footy teams....

I was on the school council for a couple of years, so I know what obstacles they faced, and it always came down to money.

Get him into a local sporting club. My boys tried basketball, football and cricket, before finally settling on karate as their "thing".

You must have a soccer club somewhere nearby? There are 3 or 4 within 5km of us, and an Aussie Rules club for every oval (which is a LOT).

Does the national or state soccer organisation run a kids' program similar to Auskick?