Wednesday, 16 April 2008

Breast Cancer/Mothers Day Classic

My son has agreed to run/walk, the Mothers Day Classic with me this year. It is our first fun run/race together and he is quite nervous about it.

He thinks he will be left behind and that he is not good enough. Despite this he has agreed to do it, we are training together for it and enjoying this time together. I am very proud of him. This is totally outside of his comfort zone.

If you would like to sponsor us and help us raise money for such a worthy cause, you can do so here.

Any words of encouragement you can send him will also be very well received. He can do this and I am going to be there when he does. How cool is that?


Cat said...

That is very exciting. Good Luck to you and your son, i'm sure you will both do extremely well.

Kek said...

That's great, Claire. None of my kids are the least bit interested, but my niece is doing it with my sister and I.

Hope you both enjoy the event.