Monday, 28 April 2008


Not much to update, kids not back to school until tomorrow so had last day with my son.
We cleaned his baritone and struggled to get all of the water out and stop the gurgling noise.
We went to the park for a bike ride. Miss T loved her new Independence on two wheels, I hope it never progresses to two wheels and an engine.

I had a friend visit for a coffee and a catch up this morning for an hour and a friend around lunchtime.

We talked to my sister and brother in law and nephew in the UK.

Jon called lots, he has hit the shops and keeps calling to tell me what he has bought/is buying. He is also bringing his mother back from the UK with him. Hmmmm

Miss T is a budding artist, I think she is fantastic and maybe I am biased but I don't care. Above is one of her recent pictures. I thought it was a great foot, but she informed me that it is a broccoli. I don't know what inspired a 4 year old to draw a broccoli, but I like it.


Kek said...

I hope she wasn't offended by your mistaken interpretation, Claire! LOL - I would have guessed a foot too.

Debstar said...

Her broccoli has 5 toes.