Wednesday, 23 April 2008

I think we have a mouse

Our calendar system of counting down the days until Dad comes home is not working. Something or someone is sneaking the mini eggs.

They are almost disappearing from under our very noses.

No one is owning up to it. However, each child except the smallest has had at least one go missing.

Inspector CJ clueless (my Son) has concluded that it must be the smallest one, though it is the middle one that cannot resist chocolate. Is she smart enough to eat one of her own eggs to try and sway the jury?

Either way on the basis of the egg calendar, dad could be home tomorrow.


Debstar said...

If she's anything like my middle child then I would say she has shown considerable restraint in not eating the lot by now.

Selina said...

I bet the kids wish it was that easy too... the quicker we eat the chocolate, the soon dad will be home!