Thursday, 10 April 2008

Hold on to your ears

My youngest daughter hates noise, even as a baby, the wind and waves on a beach freaked her.

Yesterday, she was sitting on the toilet, in full view, as people with kids well know. Her feet swinging about a quarter of the way to the floor, elbows on knees and hands on ears.

I asked her what noise was scaring her, the music, the washing machine, no she said, "I am just keeping my ears warm."

Why I ask, "Is it cold in here?"

"No," she replies, "it's just when I do a poo, my ears get cold."

I thought this was bizarre and had to phone to tell my husband. Later when discussing it, my son overheard, and didn't think it was strange at all, and tried to tell us of his experiences with cold ears.

Am I the only person with strange children?

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