Friday, 25 April 2008

The rain stopped today...

...and the clouds cleared long enough for me to send the kids outside to play for a while, feeling quite confident that it wasn't going to rain again, in the next hour or so.

What did my middle daughter do? She went outside and rode her bike. No biggie I hear you say, but - SHE CAN'T RIDE HER BIKE. We have been trying to get her to ride her bike for a few months now, on and off.

Last week Jon took the pedals off and got her to just push herself along and get used to balancing. She was doing really well that on the day he left for Europe, he put the pedals back on and off we went to the nearest flat park to try and ride the bike.

The tantrums were unbelievable and if TJ does not want to do something, there is no way. So instead she ran the oval with CJ who is training for the Mother's Day Classic next month. She did really well with her running, but was not in the slightest interested in her bike.

Then in typical TJ style, in her own time, with no one watching and no pressure on, she went outside and just did it, she came in to tell me what she had done. Barely a wobble, it was like she had been riding without training wheels for months.

We knew she had been ready for months but I think she is the one that is never going to listen or take advice from her parents. Not that she will admit anyway.

On a more sad note, we lost CJ's Siamese fighting fish to fish heaven today. The other 2 are going strong (I think) though I have a feeling they won't be with us much longer. We always seem to lose them as the weather cools. Maybe he was the mini egg thief and just couldn't live with the guilt any longer.


Kristy said...

Congratulations to your little girl.

I know I am often the same. I don't like people telling me, but like doing it in my own time. I think I have always been that way too :P

Michelle said...

We've been trying to teach my eldest to ride with no trainers for ages but she's just not interested. I think she's the same so I don't push her. Its great that your daughter has done it on her own - it gives me hope for mine!