Monday, 21 April 2008

So last night we had the traumatic goodbyes, Jon flew out of the country for a trip to Europe. He is going to Zurich, Austria, Dusseldorf for business and then flies to the UK to spend a bit of time with his (and my) family.

Our son was devastated, he is the only one who understands the amount of time his dad will be away. The girls are too small.

I have given them each 12 mini eggs (left over from Easter) and they can have one each day after dinner. When they finish the last one, they get ready for bed and in the morning their dad will be either here or on the way from the airport - assuming they don't get up too early.

Jon isn't telling his parents he is going home, he is hoping it will be a surprise. Personally I think that is a bad idea, but it is not my choice, all my family know he is coming and are really looking forward to it. Apart from my mam, neither of us have seen our families for 6 and a half years, and most of them have not even met my girls, our son was 2 when we left the UK.

Jon gets back on 3 May and on the 10th my Dad remarries, I would really love to be there but unfortunately it just wasn't/isn't possible financially. I would also like to be there for my mam, I am pretty sure she is not ready for my dad to be getting married again. Also I have nieces and nephews that I have not met.

At least it is something to look forward to sometime in the future.


Kek said...

I love the egg-calendar idea.... clever!

Kristy said...

Yes egg idea is very clever...

Hope you can get over to see your family sometime soon. It must be hard