Tuesday, 8 April 2008

The gym

I had a very short workout today, my youngest daughter was very clingy (not at all like her) and didn't want me to leave her at the creche. I think though it had more to do with me forgetting her lunchbox - even though it was only 9.30am. She likes to have it with her.

I didn't think it was fair on the staff to leave her like that but they kicked me out and said she would be fine. They gave up their own morning tea to keep her happy.

I did a quick cycle and 10 mins on the treadmill (don't tell my physio - he has banned me from running, but I figure I would rather try it just before an appt than after one) and 10 mins on the cross trainer, a very quick and very light leg press and stretches and out. That is pretty much all I am allowed to do on lower body at the moment anyway.

I've been thinking of changing gyms. Does anyone else get to the stage where they feel it is time for a change. I have been there 2 years now. The staff in the creche are so good though and at the moment that is a really big thing for me, but I just have that niggle, I hated the change rooms, but yesterday they opened the new ones, and very nice they are too. I know too many people and spend a lot of my training session talking.

Then again, I think I am down on the gym because of my injuries and they didn't cause them, nor will they disappear if I join somewhere else.

I'm trying not to make any rash decisions but it's tough.


Yummy Mummy said...

Hi claire (only just read that was your 'real name'.. so I had to use it...

I would love to change gyms... but there is onyl one in town.
Instead, whenever we travel, I always try to pop into a gym on the road for a workout...

A change is as good as a holiday...

Kristy said...

I would love to change gyms as well as I would like a fresh start, but it is hard to find anything at similiar value. I got a very very good rate where I am and it has everything (fitness First). I am thinking of suspending it for a little while if I can whilst I try a gym or something elsewhere. I guess I will just look for a little while and see what I find.

Good luck on finding a new gym :)