Saturday, 12 April 2008

Drunken phone message

This morning, an early start for a 5.30am client, well 3 actually but only one turned up.

Off to soccer, my son has joined a new team this year and last week was not a great success, this week was much better, still a loss but some really good play. It is hard when new teams get together, especially as about 2/3 of the team are playing one or two age groups up.

When I got home, there was a drunken message on my home phone, someone professing their love for me. I'm not sure who it was but from what I could gather from the message, it was a girlfriend from my past, probably school, who had bumped into my sister in a nightclub back home. She must have called me from my sister's mobile phone. The person said she had not talked to me in years but that she will talk lots soon as my sister is giving her my email address.

I left the UK nearly 7 years ago and my hometown 16 years ago, so I figure it is at least that long since I spoke to her, if not longer. I may have last seen her during our high school exams.

I look forward to the email - and talking to my sister, she can hopefully shed some light on who it was.


Kristy said...

Thats sounds like an interesting message. It is always nice talking to people you haven't heard from for years to see where they are at...

I hope you get the email Claire :)

Selina said...

LOL!!! That's soo funny!!
Will be interesting to find out who it is!!