Wednesday, 26 November 2008

I don't know what to call this post

We got a full nights sleep last night, which is a huge bonus. The girls woke up at about 10pm last night which was good because I was able to top them up with Nurofen.

Yesterday I took both of the girls to the Medical Centre (I couldn't get them in with their own doctor at short notice) as Miss T mentioned that her ear hurt. She suffered many ear infections when she was a baby, so as soon as the words are mentioned I am off to the doctor.

They are both on a 5 day course of antibiotics. I hate giving them antibiotics but I hate them being sick and in pain more. The doctor assured me they were necessary this time.

Today started with our youngest throwing up on our bedroom carpet. To be fair she was kind enough to get out of our bed first.

I knew the the other one would be sick also, she is about an hour behind. I have never had them both sick like this before, they usually give me a day or two rest in between. At least this way, when they are better we can get out and about again.

My dad has emailed, they are coming in January. The doctor said that June shouldn't fly until March but that it was her choice if she wanted to come sooner. Dad and June talked about it and she is prepared to take the risk, she just needs a wheelchair to get around in.

I don't want to think too much about the risks as I will start to worry and feel guilty. It is her choice not mine. She is a big girl. By that I mean grown up.


Kristy said...

Fantastic news Claire :)

LizN said...

I know what double whammy ear infections are like with kids. Hang in there!