Tuesday, 18 November 2008

School orientation

My middle child Miss T is starting school next year. Yesterday was her first orientation day and she loved it. She has gone from being very determined about not leaving preschool to wanting to get the school bus with her brother yesterday. I don't think she understood the maternal 'need' for me to take her.

I am very happy that she is confident and excited to be going to school. Today is her last orientation day and we all get to have morning tea together afterwards. She has been up, showered, breakfasted, teeth cleaned and dressed since 7.15am.

I am not really worried about her going to school. I will have another baby at home for one more year. Possibly 2 but highly unlikely. I think she is very ready now and would hold her own in the classroom.

Any thoughts on sending a March baby to school 'early' or 'holding back'?

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Debstar said...

Hold back if you can. It makes more of a difference later on when they are teenagers. That's my thought anyway.