Monday, 24 November 2008


Had a pretty good weekend. My son had a friend over to play on Saturday which made for a much easier day for me. I don't know why - well yes I do - but extra kids is much easier than dealing with just my own. There was no sibling fighting, at least not until 10 minutes after the friend had left.

Sunday, Miss T had a birthday party to go to and then we had friends over for a BBQ in the freezing cold and the wind and the rain. What happened yesterday? So we had an extra 3 boys and a couple who we have been trying to catch up with all year. It was a very nice afternoon.

This morning I have been for my walk (I got the all clear to walk again on Thursday, so I have been, I am really trying to take it easy this time and maybe I will stay walking for longer than last previously) got my son to school, and am now waiting for Miss T to wake up - getting nervous now - even though she is 5, I still have to check that she is still breathing if she sleeps past 7am, it is now 8.30am. Will do my washing, cleaning, get the girls to swimming, come home and....I don't know yet. Probably more cleaning and maybe write a program for tomorrow.

Also waiting for news from my dad. He has said, if they can fly, they will come, despite his wife's condition, and even if he has to push her in a chair. Not exactly the holiday they were planning, but selfishly - I get to see my dad again after more than seven years. June sees her doctor today.
PS - Miss T just come down stairs - happy mummy now - I think - the demands will come thick and fast now. Bitter sweet motherhood.

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Kristy said...

I really hope your Dad can come. I know how much I miss seeing my dad and I get to see him every couple of years or even more often sometimes...