Monday, 10 November 2008

Where have you been?

I have been busy. We took the kids on a surprise trip to the Gold Coast. My son was so excited, we told him at the airport. He thought he was waving his dad off for the week for a business trip.

The girls we told on the plane, we got them on the plane, thinking they were just having a look. They haven't been on a plane any time that they can remember.

We met up with a friends of ours from Melbourne, I actually hadn't seen them for 7 years, except for on Skype. Jon visit them quite often when in Melbourne on business.

The weather wasn't the best but it didn't ruin it too much, well hardly at all.

Had a party here at my place for a friend who is expecting her 4th baby in 5 weeks. It wasn't a baby shower, more of a get together with friends, and no kids around. We had a nice day and it wasn't too stressful for me. So now just waiting for the new baby to arrive.

Jon took my kids to the beach for the day.

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Kristy said...

That sounds like a fantastic break away. The kids would of been excited