Tuesday, 25 November 2008

Thats life

If only it said 37.0, this morning at 1am I was woke up by a little voice shouting "Mam". My eldest daughter was feeling unwell, she had a high temperature and sore throat and tummy ache. At the same time, the commotion woke up my youngest, she also was hot and had a sore throat. My son, well he sleeps through most things.

Two hot little bodies lying next to me, I didn't get much sleep, if at all. Jon got up to go and sleep in one of the girls empty beds, which caused an upset. It appears it is ok for them to invade our bed at ungodly hours but to use theirs - not on.

My alarm went off at 4.30am, time to get up and in the car and off to client. Got stuck in traffic on the way home and Jon was sat in the driveway in his car waiting to go.

Home now, with sick girls, hoping they get better soon and we can go out tomorrow.

Must add that I am not feeling too good either, but I am barely allowed as a mum to recognise that. Not sure whether I have a cold or just hayfever and allergies, either way I am hoping we can all have a rest soon before I have to collect my son from school.

Thankfully my client this evening has moved to Thursday, so I don't need to go out.

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Tully said...

What a horrible day, you poor thing! I you and your girls are feeling better.

Also, I have my fingers and toes crossed that your dad can get over for a visit. I can't imagine not seeing my family for so long, you are one brave girl!