Wednesday, 17 December 2008

Christmas parties can seriously damage your....


A couple of weeks ago, I got the fantastic news from my physio that one of my knees was doing really well and was as good if not better than he had ever seen it. Keep up the good work is what he said.

A couple of days later I went to Jon's Christmas party, initially I resisted the dancing knowing that I could undo all the good work. As I said, initially, unfortunately everyone knows how much I love to dance (even when sober!!) so I didn't get away with sitting out for long.

3 hours later in heels with no orthotics, it's time to leave and I know that I am in trouble. Next morning lots of ice. For a few days lots of pain, knee hyper extending and taking it easy with training, continue with taping.

Physio yesterday, tried not to judge but I know him too well. He said the right things, just keep icing and hopefully with all the work you have done, it will be right again in no time. He ended saying, "I am on the mobile over the break if you need me." Nice, but not what I want, as much as I like him, I don't want to call him over Christmas.

My shoulder didn't even get a look in yesterday. I think that is good news.

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Debstar said...

Makes you wonder why Mother Nature gave us joints. Hope the knees are greatly improved now.