Sunday, 28 December 2008

Christmas Day

It didn't feel like Christmas Day at all this year. Obviously the morning did because the kids were very spoilt by Santa again, but after that it just felt like a normal day. I am thinking that with being away from family we need to start some Christmas Traditions, something we can do every year so that it feels like Christmas to us. The only thing is, I don't want that to involve food. Any ideas?

Yesterday we went to Balmoral beach and had a lovely time there, it's a shame that the sun was not out and the sky was grey, but at least it was not too hot. We managed to get home before the storm so all in all had a good day.

Today we are thinking of taking the kids on a bike ride to the Olympic Park. First I have to call on a friend who has been very kind to let my dad and June stay at her place for a few days while Jon's mam is still here. Jon's mam's and my dad's visits overlap a little so while my friend is away they will stay there. It is literally 2 minutes walk, in fact we can see her house from ours.

We are all so excited now and can't wait for them to arrive.

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