Friday, 18 July 2008

Feeling strong

Well it is almost the last day of the school holidays, my son goes back on Tuesday, and we survived with very little wreckage. We kept busy, and I hid in the gym a bit while my kids were in creche, but that's ok.

I don't normally post about my training because lately it is very ho hum, what with my shoulder problems and my knee problems, I have found my training to be more rehab than anything else and very boring, but yesterday I felt really strong. I was able to increase (with the approval of my physio) most weights, increase my running to 10 mins!!?? and increase the speed and resistance on the bike. I also introduced new weights that I have not been able to do for about 2 years.

Overall I felt stronger and happier and really enjoyed it, I can see that things are improving but also mindful that I need to go very slowly.

I think it also helped that I saw the Jamie Oliver program and Wednesday. I think I realised that despite my injuries, I am a lot healthier and stronger than those people on that program and that I should be grateful for that.

Just this week, I have been focusing myself on not what foods can't I have, but what foods can I have that make me strong and healthy and happy so this program was a timely reminder of the reasons I try to make the right choices, it is not all about being thin and never has been.

As a trainer and a mum, I know what and how, I just now need to master the doing.

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Kek said...

Ahh, rehab is definitely boring, but absolutely necessary. And isn't it great when it all comes together and you can start to do some 'real' training again?

Kristy said...

Claire I really love this post. You sound really positive and it is great that the rehab is going so well. I love the bit about food as yes it isn't what we can't have, but what we can and looking at it with fresh eyes there are so many options... I can cook ANYTHING from scratch to eat which is healthier than bought stuff and I will never ever try all the options... Great positive post :)

Kristy said...

Btw the Jamie Oliver show I found really was a great wakeup call.